PM Avoids Taking Sides in Security Academy Debate

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4/12/2012 3:12 PM
Category: Education

Prime Minister Andrus Ansip stressed the need for thorough discussion regarding the location and funding of the planned new Academy of Security Sciences campus before a decision is made, speaking at a government press conference on Thursday.

"We don't have money. We hope to get funding from the new multi-year financial framework of the European Union,” said Ansip.

"The National Audit Office has already pointed out the fact that all three building site options, including the Ida-Virumaa option, are too luxurious and significantly exceed the spatial needs of comparable education facilities,” said Ansip.

In addition to the funding problem, Ansip addressed some other topical arguments. Proponents of the plan to build the new campus in Ida-Viru County say it would boost development in the left-behind region, as well as solve the problem of lacking law enforcement in the county. But critics say the move could harm the quality of education, and question whether students would be willing or motivated to study in the region.

"Police work can by no means be allowed to suffer. But the regional policy aspect carries a lot of weight," said Ansip.


Ott Tammik

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