Civil Organizer Says World on Brink of Big Shift

Protesters against the Wall Street hegemony Photo: AFP/Scanpix
10/13/2011 1:20 PM
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One of the leaders of the Let's Do it World activist group says Occupy Wall Street and related protests signal that the world is on the brink of revolution.

Rainer Nõlvak, whose original trash cleanup campaign has become a worldwide export and has spawned various community brainstorming initiatives, said it may already be a revolution.

"What is in the air right now and what is signified by Occupy Wall Street is in fact a revolution when you come down to it," Nõlvak told Kuku Raadio.

"The question is whether the revolution will become violent as they have become in the past, or whether constructive solution will come out of it with prospects for establishing a green planetary economy."

Constructive might be a watchword for Nõlvak's own projects: he has not been linked with protests in Estonia, which generally has remained stoic and calm through the recession, but shares the beliefs of many of the current protest organizers.

"Our financial system is from the era of horse-drawn carriages, but much has changed in the last two hundred years. No innovation has taken place in the financial system, as the status quo has been very beneficial for the financial world."

Nõlvak says a number of systems already in use could replace the current global one - such as Switzerland's WIR, an intercorporate credit system dating from 1934.

"And hour-based accounting systems where all people's hours are equal, or items are ascribed a monetary value and bartered. Every village or settlement where money otherwise doesn't circulate and there are no jobs could thus institute their own monetary system that people could use to get work," he said.

Kristopher Rikken

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