IAEA: Be Aware of Neighboring Nuclear Plants (2)

Sosnovyi Bor, Russia's nuclear plant less than an hour's drive from Narva Photo: Reuters/Scanpix
10/7/2011 4:43 PM
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The International Atomic Energy Agency has wound up a ten-day evaluation of Estonia's preparedness for radiation-related emergencies. One recommendation: greater awareness of dangers from plants in neighboring countries.

The group of experts invited to Estonia to examine legislation and visit government authorities said Estonian agencies have broad-based knowledge and are prepared to cooperate in improving the national system.

The IAEA experts recommended that emergency resolution resources be supplemented, with more emphasis placed on hazards from neighboring countries.

And, it said, national preparations should be more uniform with international standards to facilitate potential international cooperation.

The closest nuclear power plant to Estonia is Russia's Sosnovy Bor, halfway between St. Petersburg and Narva, which has two RMBK reactors set to be replaced with new ones before 2020. Finland has two nuclear plants as well at a slightly greater distance.

A comprehensive report will be drawn up by the end of October, giving an overview of the roles of different agencies in resolving emergencies.

Kristopher Rikken

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