This Week's Weather: Back to Normal

Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
7/30/2012 12:16 PM
Category: Environment

After the hottest day of the year on Sunday - Narva-Jõesuu set the high mark for 2012 so far with 33.4 C - the heat will continue in inland and eastern Estonia today.

But temperatures will drop by close to 10 C in places to 20 C by evening, setting the scene for a cooler week.

In the Tallinn region as well as in the west and islands, the moderating influence is already being felt. Temperatures today will reach the low to mid 20s.

After thunderstorms on Monday evening and night, the forecast for Tuesday is for highs of 18-23 C, partly cloudy skies and possible scattered showers and thunderstorms.

Wednesday will be even cooler, with highs of 16-21 C and about the same chance of precipitation. Thursday will be a touch warmer and drier with no showers in the forecast, and Friday will take us back to the 20s C, with highs of 20-26 C and the chance of showers creeping back as well.

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