Recreational Trails Increasingly Popular

Photo: Courtesy of the Health Trails Foundation
1/11/2012 3:21 PM
Category: Environment

Around 70,000 visits per week are made to recreational trails across the nation, which is twice more than in 2004, said Jaak Teppan, head of the Health Trails Foundation.  

The yearly visitor count lands around 4 million, which according to Teppan is a clear sign that more people are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. 

Currently there are 89 recreational trails in Estonia, totaling at 700 kilometers. The number of trails is three times higher than seven years ago when the project of upgrading existing nature paths was launched, said Teppan. 

In total, 22 million euros have been invested into the project, out of which 7.7 million euros has come from local governments, 5.2 million from the Ministry of Culture and 6.6 million from different European Union funds.

The foundation has pledged to continue improving the quality of the already existing trails and continue creating new ones. 


Ingrid Teesalu