IT Solutions Key to Preserving Natural Resources, Says Minister (3)

Keit Pentus Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
3/12/2012 9:59 AM
Category: Environment

Making the switch to high-tech methods is vital for preserving natural resources, Minister of the Environment Keit Pentus said at an EU environmental ministers’ meeting in Brussels on March 10. 

The meeting's objective was to consolidate the EU's position ahead of Rio+20, the United Nations' worldwide sustainable development conference, which takes place in Brazil this June.

Specifically, Pentus pointed to the series of e-government projects that Estonia has carried out in recent years, all of which, she said, have significantly reduced paperwork and related transport and energy costs. 

“There are a lot of examples of IT solutions implemented in Estonia that are not only fast and convenient, but also contribute significantly to the preservation of natural resources,” Pentus said, adding that Estonia is willing to introduce these solutions to any nation that appreciates sustainable management.

In addition, Estonia’s experience has shown that even less developed countries can successfully build up a nationwide IT-system from scratch, said Pentus. "This will be one of Estonia's main messages in Rio," she said.

Pentus also introduced her EU colleagues to the global cleanup initiative Let’s Do It World, which originated in Estonia. “Sustainable development ideas should not be left only as discussions in conference halls,” said Pentus, adding that the civil initiative, so far joined by 85 countries, is a good example how ordinary people can contribute to preserving the environment. 


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