City Council Opposition Attacks Tallinn Budget

Photo: ERR
12/14/2012 11:09 AM
Category: Politics

The same parties that shot down all opposition proposals in the writing of the 2013 state budget are now crying fowl on the city level as the Tallinn City Council reviews its own budget bill this week.

On the national level, all the Center Party could do to assert its power during the recent budget debates was annoy the ruling parties with filibustering, but in the Tallinn City Council, the party dominates. The city's 2013 budget bill had its first review on Thursday, reported ETV.

In protest of the draft legislation, the Reform Party, IRL and the Social Democrats released a joint statement yesterday. It said the Center Party's budget is using taxpayer funding to influence next year's municipal elections, with "propaganda" costs outpacing kindergarten funding. The city's public relations budget is set to increase by 27.8 percent.

The city has said that the priorities of its 486.5-million-euro budget are children, sports and free public transport.

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