Tallinn to Press Zero Tolerance of Graffiti (8)

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4/25/2012 4:49 PM
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Tallinn will clean 4,000 square meters of city property from smears and graffiti by May 15.

The citywide undertaking will take 30,000 euros from Tallinn's budget, according to Raepress.

Currently there are around 80 buildings and objects in downtown alone that need to be cleaned. Those include, for instance, the stairs and walls of Toompea viewing platforms.

District governments will also organize cleaning up of pedestrian tunnels, overpasses and facades of community and youth centers.

"The city will continue its zero-tolerance policy towards graffiti vandals," said deputy mayor of Tallinn Arvo Sarapuu, adding that each year, the cost of cleaning up graffiti reaches tens of thousands of euros.

Scrubbing private property clean will be the sole responsibility of owners. "After this campaign, surveillance in Tallinn will visibly be improved and sanctions will be on owners who do not meet their obligations," Sarapuu warned.


Ingrid Teesalu

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