Tallinn to Allocate €110,000 to Non-Existent Ombudsman (2)

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11/28/2011 9:50 AM
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The Tallinn City Council will allocate around 110,000 euros for the capital’s ombudsman – a recently established position that so far has remained unoccupied. 

Under the amendment to the city statute introduced March 24 this year, the Tallinn City Council was supposed to appoint the official starting from July 2011. 

According to Toomas Vitsut, chairman of the council, although the ombudsman institution was established six months ago, it does not mean that someone had to occupy the position immediately. 

Vitsut refrained from commenting on whether a candidate will be found by January 2012. "We have considered various options, yet so far we have not reached a decision," he said, adding that establishing the ombudsman institution served the interests of democracy and would help to resolve disputes between municipal authorities and residents. 

The 25,000 euros allocated this year will be transferred to next year's budget, Vitsut told uudised.err.ee


Ingrid Teesalu

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