Lighting of Advent Candles Kicks Off Christmas Season

Photo: ERR
12/3/2012 11:18 AM
Category: Society

Advent candles were lit all over Estonia on the weekend with Tallinn’s mayor, Edgar Savisaar, performing the honors in the capital while 50 Santas gathered on the island of Vormsi.

Savisaar summoned people to think more about their loved ones and to have faith that this year has been as good as all the past and future years, reported ETV.

A speech by the Lutheran dean of Tallinn, Jaan Tammsalu, reminded townspeople that happiness is worth waiting for but that people have to be prepared and work hard.

He added: “Peace during Advent and focusing on what’s truly important and the right preparations can lead us to our most delightful Christmas. We may find a wonderful meaning to our lives, we will realize we are loved, that someone cares for us and this in turn will give us a great strength to care and love.”

While Christmas lights were lit, 50 Father Christmases gathered in western Estonia for the 12th annual Father Christmas get-together.

The 50 Santas visited children in the small mainland town of Palivere and the town of Haapsalu before heading to Vormsi for their conference, reported ETV..

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