Ministry Considers Waiving Detailed Plan for Private Homeowners (1)

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4/9/2012 12:19 PM
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The site papers known as the detailed plan will no longer be required to build single-family homes under a new version of the Planning Act being developed by the Justice Ministry.

Procedures for obtaining approval for building designs will also become simpler under the bill, expected to be ready for comment early next year.

"Today the Planning Act requires a detailed plan to build a single home, which can take up to a year and require much money," said Justice Minister Kristen Michal. "If this is followed by proceedings on the building permit and authorization for use, it means much expenditure of time and resources for people."
To illustrate the lag, he said a family who starts filing papers after the birth of their first child can expect to move in by the time the child is of school age.

Additions that are less than one-third of the house and temporary outbuildings would also no longer need a detailed plan.
The amendments being devised also envision local governments having electronic interfaces to allow people to file for building permits, and Michal said that in the absence of disputes it should not take more than 20 business days to process the documents.

Kristopher Rikken

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