61,000 Fines Issued to Speeders Caught on Camera (2)

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1/9/2012 10:34 AM
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In 2011, the police issued 61,000 fines for speeders photographed by automated roadside cameras. The total sum amounted to 1,030,000 euros. 

So far, 886,000 euros worth of penalties have been paid, with the average fine for speeding remaining between 9 and 18 euros, Mihkel Loide, spokesman for the Police and Border Guard Board, told uudised.err.ee.

From May 2010, when the automated cameras began issuing fines, until the end of 2010, around 32,000 fine notices were sent out, totaling at 602,000 euros.

Currently 10 dummy fixtures and 20 actual speed cameras have been installed on the Tallinn-Tartu and Tallinn-Pärnu higways.

Although the initial shock which followed the introduction of automated speed cameras, has faded, drivers still mind the speed limit more in places where the cameras are mounted, said Loide. "The stationary cameras, however, are of little avail in the case of incurable speeders, which is why mobile patrols will continue measuring speed and enforcing the traffic law,” said Loide.


Ingrid Teesalu

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