Doctors Frustrated with Slow Progress in Segment of E-Health System

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12/5/2011 11:49 AM
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General practitioners are again threatening to stop issuing disability certificates on paper after receiving word that an IT solution will be completed only by next summer.

Last summer, a tussle broke out between the Ministry of Social Affairs and family doctors as the GPs opposed the requirement that they manually copy data in the digital medical histories. Doctors have been calling on the Social Insurance Board for years to make the switch to a fully electronic system.

"The deadline for ending issuing disability documents was August 1, but we took pity on the officials in their ineptitude and once again made sure that there would be no obstacle to issuing patients disability certificates," said family doctor Anneli Talvik.

Talvik said they were told at the last meeting at the Social Affairs Ministry that the IT contractor would not be able to fill the order on time.

"Family doctors have set a final deadline of March 1, 2012, and then we will end the double issuing of documents and send information only to the digital case history," said Talvik and added that at that point the physicians would waive responsibility for how the public servants would access the data in the system.

Kristopher Rikken

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