Statistics Agency Releases Updated Figures on Population Decrease (7)

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3/16/2012 12:41 PM
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Estonia's population decreased by 3,000 last year to 1.318 million, according to Statistics Estonia, slightly less of a decrease than the initial January estimate of minus 4,400.

Senior analyst for the agency Helerin Rannala said that the data were corrected after data on immigration and residence permits came in.

Decreased number of births and increased emigration contributed to the shrinkage in 2011.

Last year there were 14,679 births, 15,244 deaths, 3,709 people immigrated and 6,214 people emigrated.

Estonia had a female population of 707,700 and male population of 610,300 as of the beginning of the year.

The number of women decreased by 2,300 last year; and men by 670. The working-age population continued to decline - by 7,000 during the year. The number of children was up, however.

Tallinn was the main population center with close to one-third of all people, and 63 percent of people were urban.

The figures are based on the 2000 census data adjusted each year by data on births, deaths and migration.

Kristopher Rikken

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