Clinic Streams Pregnancy Ultrasound Image via Skype

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2/8/2012 11:29 AM
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The Fetal Ultrasound Screening Center in Tallinn successfully streamed a pregnancy ultrasound image via Skype on February 6.

Liina and Mart Maastik from the island of Saaremaa were the volunteer couple participating in the experiment, sharing the sonographic image of their unborn child with their parents, Saarte Hääl reported.

The image was streamed straight from the sonography device, which according to the physician in charge of the experiment, Marek Shois, could have been the world's first-ever occasion of using the ultrasound imager as a web camera. During the procedure the couple kept in touch with soon-to-be grandparents via microphone.

Although at times the connection was choppy, the session itself went smoothly, said Mart Maastik, adding that such an option would be welcomed by thousands of people working abroad these days, who would not want to miss out on the important event for their family. 

Shois, however, refrained from speculating on further applications of streaming the ultrasound image as the procedure is still at its early testing stage.


Ingrid Teesalu

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