Tallinn Airport Buys Innovative Scooters for Personnel (1)

Photo: Courtesy of Raybike
3/22/2012 5:15 PM
Category: Sci-Tech

Tallinn Airport employees can now be seen wheeling around on a new Estonian-made scooter that is one of 20 finalists in an annual startups competition organized by Enterprise Estonia.

Dubbed the “Raybike,” the three-wheeled, foot-powered scooter allows for better balance than classical scooters, while still providing agile maneuverability. Steered with one hand, the handlebar connected to the front wheel moves from side to side, rather than rotating in a fixed position.

The improved balance provided by the design allows riders to wear high heels, and the free hand can be used, for instance, to carry a transceiver, according to the scooter's inventor, Raino Sinisalu, who also envisions a new extreme sport.

“Thanks to the Raybike, our employees can cover long distances in a shorter period and the result is that we offer better customer service,” said Tiit Kepp, a managing representative of Tallinn Airport.


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