Artificial Intelligence Imaginable for Skype Co-founder (3)

Photo: ERR
10/22/2010 1:35 PM
Category: Sci-Tech

Jaan Tallinn, one of the founders of Skype, believes humans may succeed in creating artificial intelligence by midcentury.

Tallinn told that in order to create artificial intelligence, two important problems need to be solved. "First, we need to ensure that a self-correcting system will stay true to its initial purpose. Secondly, we need to solve a more difficult problem – to determine what we actually want. What are those initial goals for a computer that is given super intelligence?" Tallinn asked.

He added that there could be negative outcomes if artificial intelligence is more powerful than humans but cannot interpret human values. "If a computer needs to get carbon atoms, and it doesn’t care about humans, then it would think the easiest place to get them is from humans. It would be more difficult to acquire them from the air," said Tallinn.

It is hard to say what qualifies as artificial intelligence, said Enn Tõugu, senior researcher of the Cybernetics Institute at the Tallinn University of Technology. "I can’t really even tell you what exactly is intelligence, intellect, reason or knowledge," he said.

"I tend to think that we can talk about intelligence as a human quality […] that computers can possibly attain. To some degree, it already is so. For example, I see such beginnings in Google," Tõugu said.

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