Forensic Lab Receives Quality Certificate for Cyber Sleuthing

22.03.2012 09:43
Category: Sci-Tech

The Forensic Science Institute (EFSI) has been given ISO certification for investigating cyber crimes.

"Two years ago cooperation was launched with colleagues from the FBI Cyber Division and this month the Forensic Institute's IT analysis department became one of the first in Europe accredited with the ISO 17025 standard for evidence gathering in cyber crimes,“ said Justice Minister Kristen Michal.

EFSI also became the second such body in Europe after a forensics centre in Denmark to receive ISO certification in forensic medical examinations.

Last year EFSI received flexible accreditation in the field of toxicology, which means it can add new substances to be tested for to its profile without seeking separate ISO accreditation each time. To be eligible for this, a lab must have five years of accreditation without major non-conformities.

EFSI has had basic ISO 17025 certification since 2003 and picked up an ISO 9001-2008 management certificate last year.

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