After Shock Win, Estonian Football Plays Crippled Serbia

Vladimir Petrovic Photo: Scanpix Sweden
3/28/2011 3:52 PM
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After Estonian national football team's (ranked 82) 2-0 victory in a friendly against Uruguay - the two-time World Cup winner and two-time Olympic winning team - Estonia is scheduled to face off with Serbia (ranked 20) in Tallinn on March 29. 

Serbia's head coach Vladimir Petrovic said at a press conference in Tallinn on March 28 that the Estonian team is dangerous for its distance shots and counteroffensives.  

"Estonia can score the goal shooting from a distance," said Petrovic, speaking through a translator. "Their best actions are based on situations where they cut opponent actions and move to a fast counterattack." That proved to be true last year, when Estonia defeated Serbia in Belgrade 3-1, as two goals were scored from outside of the penalty box.

Petrovic predicted a tough game ahead, as eight of his players were left in Belgrade because they are either injured or suspended. "Yes we are in a very hard situation [...] Our captain and one of the deputy captains [...] have two yellow cards and cannot play. Also, we have here a few players with some problems. But we will be brave," said Petrovic.

The coach also addressed the tricky field conditions of Estonia's stubborn winter. "I can't say that it is a normal and usual situation for us. We also had a snowy winter, but during that period our players were in places where [the weather] was better. But what can we do, we cannot change anything."


Ott Tammik

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