Taaramäe Recovers From Mono, Heads to Castilla

Rein Taaramäe Photo: ERR/Siim Semiskar
4/10/2012 11:42 AM
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Cyclist Rein Taaramäe has recovered from mononucleosis earlier than expected and will compete in the Castilla cycling tour, which begins on Thursday.

"I think my health is strong because I've been feeling really good for about 10 days already, and last week I persuaded the club coach, doctor and boss to let me ride from April 12 to 14,” Taaramäe said in his blog.

"The reason I want to race in Spain is not because I want to prove myself, but because I want to take on the mountainous three-day mini-camp," said Taaramäe.

The country's top pro cyclist came down with cold symptoms and fatigue in February. Taaramäe, coming off an all-time national best 12th finish in the Tour de France last year, had expressed frustration at not being able to train properly before the Paris-Nice tour, which he did compete at, bolstered by a battery of over-the-counter cold medications. With Taaramäe in his prime, sports experts sounded a note of caution because the Epstein-Barr virus has the tendency to linger and cause relapses.

"The main goal is to finish the tour at a nice clip and also to get a better feeling of my health. It won't be easy because I have a few additional kilos, and the second and third days of Castilla consist of dense mountains. Every racer wants to win every single race, even when one's chances are zero. But I should be more realistic; I won't exactly be taking on the world's best in my condition, but hope dies last," said Taaramäe.


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