Kanepi Splits Up With Coach Over Psychologist

Kaia Kanepi and her coach Silver Karjus Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
3/29/2012 10:42 AM
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Professional tennis player Kaia Kanepi and her coach Silver Karjus have gone separate ways after working together for two years.

“Kanepi and her coach Karjus decided not to continue their cooperation as they could not agree on further conditions,” Kanepi's website announced on Thursday. “Both agree that they cannot continue at the moment but nevertheless there is possibility that they will rejoin later.”

Karjus helped Kanepi win two WTA tournaments and reach two Grand Slam quarter finals at Wimbledon and the US Open.

Speaking on ETV, Karjus said the disagreements began with the negative influence of Kanepi's psychologist, Mare Pork. Karjus himself had involved Pork. But now, Karjus said, the psychologist was bringing the athlete to her downfall, by preparing her for ending her career.

“At some point, I begin to see that the wagon is moving in the wrong direction. I wanted to put an end to it, but was not successful. I think Kaia fell into Pork's trap, and that's where all kinds of dissonance began. She has influenced Kanepi so much that it is no longer possible to cooperate,” said Karjus.

"Kanepi is a 26-year-old athlete in her prime. I hope her best days are still ahead of her. But I can't guarantee it because the approach in the fields of ordinary psychology and athletic psychology are completely different. Kanepi started to have a different kind of attitude,” Karjus said.

Karjus asserted that he had no conflicts with the rest of Kanepi's team, family or doctors. But to continue together, he said Kanepi would have to change her mentality.

A statement on the player's Facebook page also expressed a positive break-up. “Kanepi is very thankful to Karjus for what they have accomplished together,” it said.

Kanepi has not changed her schedule and plays next at the Copenhagen WTA tournament on April 9. Until she finds a new trainer, Kanepi will be helped by her ex-coach, Andrei Luzgin.


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