Leok Looks Forward to New Season With Suzuki

Photo: ERR/Siim Semiskar
12/20/2011 5:26 PM
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At a benefit for mobility-impaired children on Tuesday, motocross rider Tanel Leok reflected on last season and talked about his plans for next year.

Leok recently switched from TM to Suzuki. Leok previously rode for Suzuki in 2004, when he made the first big step in his career by taking sixth place in the World Motocross Championship.

"One of the advantages at Suzuki is the team. It is also easier to find the right setup and more experiences," Leok told sport.err.ee. The rider's personal team with Suzuki consists of six to eight members, compared to just two at TM.

Leok said he was generally satisfied with the 2011 season, although he was forced to take a disappointing 12th place in last year's tournament, after he injured his lower back when colliding into another rider at the British Grand Prix in August.

"It bothered me that the injury came at the year's end, and we couldn't find the right tuning in time. But I still had some good results and I proved I can ride," said Leok.

Consistency will be his chief goal in the coming season, said Leok, who is currently training in southern Estonia's indoor track, Adrenaline Arena, before leaving the country in the coming weeks.


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