Video: Baruto Takes Out Sumo Judge in Winning Match

Baruto Photo: Den za Dnjom/Scanpix
1/11/2012 3:22 PM
Category: Sports

Sumo wrestler Baruto claimed his fourth victory at the Hatsu-basho tournament when he shoved komusubi Wakakoyu out of the ring.

Less lucky was the match's judge, who was knocked off the stage by the tumbling 175-kilogram Wakakoyu. The judge lay on the ground for several minutes before he was cleared away on a stretcher.

Next, Baruto will take on the first Takekaze of the East Maegashira, whose highest career rank was komusubi. Baruto has faced him on eight occasions, winning five, including the last three.

Four days into the Hatsu-basho tournament, six athletes have scored maximum points, none of whom are native Japanese. They include four Mongolians, a Bulgarian and Estonia's Baruto.


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