Veerpalu Appeal Decision Delayed

Accusations against Veerpalu led to the founding of a Facebook support group with over 60,000 fans. Photo: ERR
8/28/2012 1:26 PM
Category: Sports

The Court of Arbitration for Sport today discussed Andrus Veerpalu's challenge of International Ski Federation (FIS) testing procedures and their objectivity, later announcing that the earliest day it will reach a decision is September 30.

One of Estonia's most celebrated athletes, Veerpalu saw his reputation tarnished last year when, following an early retirement, his doping test results turned up positive and the FIS handed him a three-year competition ban. The athlete appealed the decision to the international arbitration body.

The FIS said it did not agree with statements by Veerpalu's defense team that the Ski Federation and World Anti-Doping Agency had given them only partial records of the testing, therefore violating the athlete's rights. The defense team brought to the court's attention the varying interpretations of the rules for handling doping tests.


Robin Ilves

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