Pohlak Considering Lindpere Call-Up

Midfielder Joel Lindpere is one of Estonia's top players. Photo: AFP/Scanpix
10/13/2011 9:38 AM
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Now that the Estonian national football team has secured a spot at the crucial Euro 2012 qualification playoffs, the team's manager Aivar Pohlak says he may take the unprecedented step of asking New York Red Bulls midfielder Joel Lindpere for help.

Pohlak told that in the next few days he will be looking into the possibility of getting Lindpere to make a return appearance.

Lindpere, who was voted the Red Bulls' MVP last year, is currently off the Estonian roster for the second season in a row due to obligations to his club.

"With the kind of contract he has right now, he can't come and represent the Estonian team. I wanted to talk with him and ask him whether I can discuss this with [Red Bulls coach] Hans Backe. Hans knows very well how important these things are to Estonia," Pohlak said, noting that he had agreed to talk with Lindpere via Skype in coming days.

Pohlak said he hadn't discussed the issue with Estonia's coach Tarmo Rüütli, who separately commented that he would be open to the idea.

"He [Lindpere] can get in touch when he has time. We'll see. We don't have a lot of resources - when someone offers us a helping hand, then I think we can take it," he said.


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