First Football Academy Opens in Cooperation With Newcastle United Academy

Photo: Courtesy of Põlva Ühisgümnaasium
3/27/2012 12:45 PM
Category: Sports

In September, on the first day of the next school year, a high school in the southern town of Põlva will open Estonia's first football academy.

The school will offer 10 football-related subjects and a three-year high school diploma. Students will learn the basics of coaching, refereeing, managing, and, of course, playing the sport.

The initiative is a joint project of the local football club, FC Lootos, the Newcastle United Academy, the Estonian Football Association, and the Town of Põlva.

Organizers dream of making the academy into a talent incubator and a bridge to the international football community.

Elsewhere in Europe, many professional football players began their careers in similar establishments.


Ott Tammik

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