International Ballroom Dance Competition in Tallinn

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11/25/2011 12:17 PM
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Estonia will host its most high-profile competitive dance event of the year - Tallinn International Open Cup 2011 - this weekend.

The two-day competition, featuring standard and Latin American dance, will be the 11th World DanceSport Federation event to be held in Tallinn.

Estonian duos Vladislav Inostrantsev/Marina Nikolajeva (ranked 73 in the world), and Konstantin Gorodilov/Yuliya Krepchuk (ranked 83 in the world), will take the stage on Saturday in the Latin American dance category.

The competitive bar will be high on Sunday, when standard competition takes place, as 13 of the top-50 pairs are registered for the event.

Among others are Estonian duo Andres Liiv and Kristin Vaha, who recently placed 14th in the world. The last time Estonians were successful in achieving such a high ranking was in 1999.

The event takes place in Tallinn's Saku Suurhall. Both days begin at 9:00 and finals begin at 19:00.


Ott Tammik

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