Estonia: Europe's Slimmest Women, Study Finds

Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
7/25/2011 5:14 PM

Last year, the lowest average body mass index in Europe - 23.5 - was that of Estonian women, a study by the World Health Organization revealed.

Estonian men are also below the European average, with their BMI at 25.1, reported Postimees.

Greece had the most overweight men with a BMI of 28, while Malta had the highest average for women - 28.3.

Despite data that seem to indicate a more fit society, Estonians still need to get on the treadmill more often - at least according to Minister of Social Affairs Hanno Pevkur. During a press conference on July 21, Pevkur said the problem of obesity in Estonia is getting worse: overweight people accounted for 32 percent of the nation's population in 2010, giving rise to accompanying worries, such as high cholesterol and heart disease.


Ingrid Teesalu

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