Tallinn's Toppled Tree to Be Trimmed

Storm 2, tree 0: The capital's Christmas tree brought down by high winds on Friday and Sunday. Photo: Delfi/Ilmar Saabas
11/28/2011 1:30 PM
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After twice toppling down over the weekend, Tallinn's Christmas tree will be going back up - albeit in a shorter form - on Tuesday morning, municipal officials have said.

High winds from the storm that lashed the Baltic coast on Sunday again brought down the tree, which stands at the center of the capital's busy Christmas market. Nobody was hurt in that incident either, and in both cases the falling tree also missed the nearby wooden sales huts.

Ivo Parbus of the Central Tallinn District Administration told uudised.err.ee that the tree would be remounted on the square with additional measures taken to ensure its stability. These include cutting an additional four meters from its base.

The tree, which originally stood at 24 meters, will now have the much more modest height of 17 meters.

The same storm, named Berit, also knocked over the municipal Christmas tree in the nearby town of Keila, in addition to causing power outages throughout the country.


Steve Roman

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