Eesti Post Discontinues Non-Priority Parcel Delivery Service

Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
11/7/2011 9:48 AM

Bad news for those planning to send a package overseas: the national postal service Eesti Post has canceled its international non-priority parcel delivery service. 

Instead, customers must now use airmail, which ensures faster delivery to the destination country, yet depending on the weight of the package may increase the cost of the service several times.

“I do agree that the change in prices is rather large in certain weight categories,” said Inge Suder, head of communications at Eesti Post. "Nevertheless, I must point out that the international package delivery rate has stayed the same since 1998," she said. 

According to Suder, last year, the company lost 332,000 euros on parcel delivery services.

In addition, air transportation and shipment within a foreign country make up around 60 percent of the parcel forwarding costs. “Eesti Post has no way of influencing those costs,” said Suder. However, she said, a convergence has taken place in the rates of surface and air mail in recent years. 


Ingrid Teesalu

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