Navy Drags in WWII Mines from Hara Bay

Photo: ERR
11/23/2011 11:18 AM

The crew of minesweeper EML Sakala and divers yesterday detonated two German-made mines found on Monday in Hara Bay on Estonia's northern coast.

Both mines, 2.3 meters long and weighing around 700 kilograms, were discovered in the course of a training excercise and had been resting in close proximity to the fairway 600 meters off Loksa Harbor.

The excercise was aimed at identifying potentially hazardous objects that had been spotted near the fairway and to practise clearance skills using dummy mines.

A German-made mine of a similar type was detonated by the crew of EML Sakala in October.

The Baltic is considered one of the most mine-infested seas in the world. In two world wars, over 80,000 naval mines were laid here, according to various estimates. Since 1994, nearly 700 explosive remnants have been found and neutralized in Estonia's coastal waters.


Erkki Sivonen

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