Associations Urge Closing Beer Summer to Minors

Beer Summer 2010 Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
2/28/2011 10:11 AM

Minors should not be allowed to attend Õllesummer, the annual Estonian summer beer festival, according to a letter sent to Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar by members of the non-profit Tobacco and Alcohol Harm Reduction Association.

Another request by association members was made to Minister of Culture Laine Jänes to forbid the consumption of alcoholic beverages at both national and local song and dance festivals.

"Alcohol abuse is a very serious problem in Estonia, as we are among the first in Europe in both alcohol consumption and alcohol-related diseases and injuries resulting in death. The number of children drinking alcoholic beverages is constantly increasing as more minors start at a younger age," said the association.

In its appeals the association referred to the European Charter on Alcohol, according to which all children and adolescents should grow up in an environment where they are protected from the negative consequences of alcohol consumption and the promotion of alcoholic beverages.

The association includes members such as the Estonian Medical Association, Union of Child Welfare, and the Temperance Association AVE.

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