Final: Defense Ministry Gunman Acted Alone

10.04.2012 10:49
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According to the freshly published investigation report, Karen Drambjan, the 57-year-old lawyer who entered the Defense Ministry headquarters in Tallinn on August 11 last year and launched a shooting spree, had prepared his assault in solitude and his motivation will remain unclear.

The investigation conducted by the national security agency KAPO and led by the Northern District Prosecutor's Office established no accomplices in the case.

On entering the Defense Ministry HQ, Drambjan carried a Bernadelli handgun and several explosive devices assembled at home from available materials, the construction of which did not require any specialized knowledge, the report said.

Once in the building, he did not demand to meet with any particular ministry official but expressed a wish to enter the office area, from which he was barred by security doors.

Some witness statements give reason to believe that one of his motives may have been to draw public attention to his political views, after his extremely phrased criticism of Estonia's integration policies had failed to win support in the circle of his friends and acquaintances.

The security camera recordings show that on entering the building's reception area, Drambjan opened fire at the unarmed security guards. After the arrival of the police armed response unit, Drambjan made the first shots at the police officers, lightly wounding two.

Drambjan was killed in an exchange of shots with the police and died between 17:19 and 17:28.  

The crime case was closed after a preliminary investigation on account of the only suspect's death.


Erkki Sivonen

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