WWF Picks Most Marine Environment Friendly Agricultural Producer

17.11.2010 17:12
Category: Varia

A World Wide Fund for Nature jury has awarded the 2010 prize for the agricultural producer that puts the most value on the environment of the Baltic Sea to two Swedes, Håkan and Teri Lee Eriksson.

Their project showed how a modem farm can successfully reduce the amount of fertilizer runoff and thus combat eutrophication.

Estonia was represented in the final round by Toomas Jaadla, who won the national award for avoiding soil erosion on abandoned peat fields by establishing cranberry and blueberry plantations. 

Jaadla is the first farmer in Europe to develop and successfully employ such a solution.
The Estonian Fund for Nature and the Farmers Central Union are the participating organizations for Estonia. The prize is 10,000 euros and the award for the national winner is 1,000 euros.

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