Tallinn Airport to Reroute Taxi, Bus Traffic

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1/25/2012 9:31 AM
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In a move to cut down on the number of taxis illegally operating on its territory, Tallinn Airport will completely overhaul its auto traffic system next month.

From February 15, the upper concourse, which has traditionally served as the pick-up and drop-off points for all buses, cars and taxis, will be closed to all traffic except taxis whose companies have a contract with the airport and private cars intending to pay for parking.  

All other traffic, including city buses, will be rerouted to the lower concourse. Passengers will have to take an escalator ride to connect to the airport's main arrival and departure halls, Õhtuleht reported.

The change is meant to prevent taxis whose companies do not have a contract with the airport from mingling with those that do, namely Tallink, Tulika and Tallinna Taksopark.

Erik Sakkov, a member of the airport authority's management board, said that passengers who want to order their own taxis will still be able to do so, but must wait for them in the parking area.

Steve Roman

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