Icebreaking Season Ends for Gulf of Finland

Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
4/13/2012 1:13 PM

Today the Maritime Administration announced that its icebreaking operations on the Gulf of Finland have wound up for the year, marking the end of a 42-day season.

Two icebreakers - the Swedish-flagged Vidra Viking and Estonia's Tarmo -  have been keeping traffic flowing on the gulf since March 2, assisting a total of 54 vessels at the estimated cost of 4.9 million euros

The 64-day icebreaking season on Pärnu Bay and the Gulf of Riga ended on April 4.

Over the course of the winter, the administration received numerous reports of drift ice up to 40 centimeters thick hampering ship traffic both on the Gulf of Finland and on Pärnu Bay.


Ingrid Teesalu

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