County Blocks Tallinn's Bid to Acquire Land

Ülle Rajasalu Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
11/26/2010 1:42 PM

Harju County governor Ülle Rajasalu has blocked the city of Tallinn's bid to acquire land it was seeking for the stated purpose of a children's playground - when in fact one of the plots was used for a marketplace.

"This precedent […] must not be allowed to be repeated," said  Rajasalu, referring to the wrong pretext.

The Tallinn city government recently announced it will not close down the marketplace in the Kristiine district and is expected to open it on November 26. 

The city filed for transferring the underlying state-owned land to municipal ownership as public land for a playground, but a review found that the city had leased the plot to a marketplace operator allowing it to establish the market infrastructure.  
The Tallinn city government did not rezone the land, nor did it make changes to the detailed plan as required by law in such a case.

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