2019 Riigikogu Election

Izmailova: Greens to confirm election list on 1 December

19.10.18 ... Speaking in an interview with ERR, Estonian Greens chairwoman Züleyxa Izmailova said that the party will confirm its list of candidates for the 2019 Riigikogu elections on 1 December.

Estonia 200 unlikely to attract enough votes to shake up Estonian parties

19.10.18 ... Political scientist and analyst Tõnis Saarts of Tallinn University told ERR that though once a party and gearing up for the March 2019 general election, Estonia 200 may have the potential to attract protest voters, they are unlikely to find too many backers among the voter base of the established parties.

Ratas increasingly popular, Kallas losing ground among Reform voters

19.10.18 ... Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Centre) currently enjoys greater support among voters than his party does. The leader of the opposition Reform Party, Kaja Kallas, is lagging behind: a new survey commissioned by daily Eesti Päevaleht shows Ratas at 32%, far ahead of Kallas' 17. Kallas has also lost some 10% of support with her own party's voters.

Estonia 200 rules out cooperation with Conservative People's Party

18.10.18 ... Kristina Kallas, chairwoman of the Estonia 200 group that has announced its intention to run as a new political party in the 2019 general election, said that cooperation with the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) is out of the question, as this would require Estonia 200 to abandon its liberal values.

Party ratings: Support of Russian speakers of Centre on the rise again

18.10.18 ... While in September support among Russian speakers of the governing Centre Party dropped to 65%, the party's lowest approval of the last few years, in October it has picked up again, now at 74%. The party is popular again in Ida-Viru County as well.

Kristina Kallas to run for chairwoman of Estonia 200 once party is founded

18.10.18 ... One of the Estonia 200 group's founders, historian and director of the University of Tartu's Narva college Kristina Kallas, announced on Thursday that she is planning to run for the position of chairwoman once Estonia 200 is properly registered as a political party.

Kivirähk: Hypothetical support for Estonia 200 at 9%

18.10.18 ... While two new budding parties were not included in the latest party ratings survey, sociologist Juhan Kivirähk calculated that in the 2019 Riigikogu elections, Estonia 200's support would total 9% and the Biodiversity Party's 1%. Estonia 200 would steal the most votes from the Reform Party, but also from the Social Democratic Party (SDE) and the Centre Party.

October party ratings: Centre, Reform both increase their lead

18.10.18 ... This month, the Centre Party and Reform Party, both of whom are vying for a win in the 2019 Riigikogu elections next spring, saw the biggest increases in support, it appears from the results of a nationwide poll commissioned by ERR and conducted by Turu-uuringute AS.

Raimond Kaljulaid: We cannot rule out cooperation with EKRE

17.10.18 ... While leading politicians of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) continue to cultivate xenophobic policy, the party's voters are members of Estonian society, which is why cooperation with the party cannot be ruled out, said Raimond Kaljulaid (Centre) in a live interview on ERR's online broadcast Otse uudistemajast.

Moonika Helme, not Saarso, EKRE's top candidate in western counties

16.10.18 ... Despite losing in the party's internal elections to Mart Saarso, Tallinn City Council member Moonika Helme will head into the 2019 Riigikogu elections as the top Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) candidate in the electoral district of Lääne, Hiiu and Saare Counties.

Ratas: Centre Party will not leave anyone behind

14.10.18 ... In a speech made at the Centre Party congress on Saturday, Prime Minister and party chairman Jüri Ratas said that in order to build a fair country with a strong middle class, the Centre Party will need a convincing win at the upcoming Riigikogu elections next March.

Party finances: Centre debt twice Reform, many other parties owe nothing

12.10.18 ... Estonia's political parties have published financial information, giving a snapshot of their situation ahead of the March 2019 general election, as reported by daily Postimees.

Andrus Ansip: Coalition minority not like one he headed, causing chaos

12.10.18 ... Former prime minister Andrus Ansip (Reform) says ruling Centre Party has caused a level of tax chaos the next government will have difficulty resolving.

EKRE member, Riigikogu hopeful Saarso calls Kõlvart 'unfit Asian'

11.10.18 ... Mart Saarso, a member of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) who is running for election to the Riigikogu next March, called Tallinn City Council chairman Mihhail Kõlvart (Centre) an Asian who is unfit for the hall at City Council.

Eesti Päevaleht loses Oudekki Loone Supreme Court appeal

11.10.18 ... Daily Eesti Päevaleht (EPL) has lost an appeal on a lawsuit brought against it by Centre Party MP Oudekki Loone, after the Supreme Court upheld the decision in favour of Ms. Loone and threw out EPL's appeal.

Reform top party donations

11.10.18 ... Figures for party donations in the third quarter of 2018 (Q3 2018) give an opportunity to compare the finances of all the major political parties in the lead in to the 2019 election. Reform received the highest donations at a reported €120,389, with Isamaa/Pro Patria in second place at €103,170. Top donors included Vjatšeslav Leedo (to Reform) and the Sõnajalg brothers (to both Pro Patria and SDE).

Estonia 200 on brink of party-hood, Biodiversity looking dead in the water

10.10.18 ... Estonia's two newest would-be political parties need to get moving in finding members, if they're to meet the legal requirement for registration as a party in time for the March 2019 general election.

Centre wants equitable state and more R&D

10.10.18 ... "A just state for all," (Estonian: ''Õiglane Riik Kõgile,") is the Centre Party's new election slogan, unveiled by party leader and prime minister Jüri Ratas on Wednesday.

Reform will win at home and in Europe, says party leader

10.10.18 ... Reform leader Kaja Kallas is buoyant about the party winning both the general election in March 2019, and the European election in May.

Riisalu introduces militarised border as Centre promise, sparks criticism

10.10.18 ... Aivar Riisalu, who is in charge of compiling the chapter on national defence in the Centre Party's party platform ahead of the 2019 Riigikogu elections, told ERR on Monday that the party's central promise in that area will be the restoration of militarised border patrol utilising conscripts fresh out of basic training. The announcement sparked widespread criticism.

Parties skeptical of Pro Patria's plan to increase defence spending to 2.5%

10.10.18 ... As part of its party platform ahead of the 2019 Riigikogu elections, the Pro Patria Party plans to promise increasing defence spending in Estonia from 2.16% to 2.5% of the GDP. Other parties, however, are skeptical of the idea.

How does the electoral system in Estonia work?

09.10.18 ... With two elections happening in Estonia next spring, at the national level in March followed by European elections in May, questions about how the system works and who can vote are inevitable. The electoral system in Estonia is not especially complicated, and similar to those of many other European nations. However it is radically different from those in the UK or US for instance, so let's take an overview, focusing primarily on the general election to the Riigikogu.

Breakup of government coalition unlikely, says political scientist

09.10.18 ... Political scientist Tõnis Saarts does not consider it likely that MP Tiina Kangro's recent departure from the Pro Patria parliamentary group will break up the ruling government coalition, daily Postimees reports.

Reform's Michal roasts coalition parties last hurrah budget

09.10.18 ... Claims that the opposition in the Riigikogu will hinder the ruling coalition now the latter is in a minority have been met with a certain amount of derision by a leading member of the opposition, Kristen Michal (Reform), who roasted each of the three coalition parties, the Centre Party, the Social Democratic Party (SDE) and Isamaa/Pro Patria in turn.

Foreign minister says Reform smell blood

08.10.18 ... Whereas prime minister and coalition majority party leader Jüri Ratas (Centre) and minority coalition Isamaa/Pro Patria party leader Helir-Valdor Seeder were sanguine on the government's ability to weather the storm following the departure of an MP, Tiina Kangro, from Pro Patria and therefore the coalition's voting group on Monday, tipping the balance of power away from the coalition for the first time, foreign minister Sven Mikser of the Social Democratic Party has taken a less optimistic line.

Pro Patria leader: Vigilance with voting needed, but state budget will pass

08.10.18 ... Isamaa/Pro Patria leader Helir-Valdor Seeder says the coalition government needs to exercise vigilance when voting in the Riigikogu, following the departure of MP Tiina Kangro from the Pro Patria voting bloc on Monday.

Ratas: Coalition will get by with minority in Riigikogu

08.10.18 ... Following independent MP Tiina Kangro's announcement that she was quitting the Pro Patria parliamentary group, leaving the government coalition with just 50 seats in the 101-seat Riigikogu, Prime Minister and Centre Party chairman Jüri Ratas on Monday said that the coalition would get by with 50 votes as well, and that the state budget currently in the works would be confirmed.

Tiina Kangro quits Pro Patria parliamentary group, goes independent

08.10.18 ... Tiina Kangro, who was not a member of the Pro Patria party but belonged to the party's parliamentary group, has quit the latter, leaving the ruling government coalition with just 50 seats in the 101-seat Riigikogu.

Never a good deed unpunished: Centre Party clean up costing it the election

08.10.18 ... It is hard to imagine the Estonian political scene without the Centre Party as a major player; perhaps Isamaa/Pro Patria (who have long been in the doldrums) are the only other party seeming to be a natural, if rather decrepit piece of furniture. The 2019 elections will be make or break time for Centre, however. Its leader, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, has turned out to be a mature, likeable and seemingly competent cove. But if the seeping Russian support is not replenished with replacements from the Estonian-speaking populace, the party will find itself out of office come March.

Estonia 200 group discusses potential party platform

07.10.18 ... Not quite a political party yet, the Estonia 200 group met on Saturday to discuss a potential party platform for the upcoming hot phase of the campaign for the Riigikogu election on 3 March next year. Estonia 200 announced earlier this year that if they can get the required 500 members together, they will register as a political party.

Ratas disagrees with coalition partner, says second pillar to remain

05.10.18 ... Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Centre) disagrees with Pro Patria chairman Helir-Valdor Seeder, who floated the idea on Thursday to make mandatory payments into Estonia's second pillar pension fund voluntary, and eventually abolish it completely. Any such step would make a tax hike inevitable, Ratas argued.

Overview: Where coalition parties' next round of protection money is going

04.10.18 ... ERR's Estonian-language online news portal has access to an overview of where the protection money* of each of the three coalition parties is to be invested. The Pro Patria Party is far and away funding the greatest number of investments at 64, while the Centre Party is to fund 17 and the Social Democratic Party (SDE) 10 investments.

Seeder: Second pension pillar should be made voluntary, then abolished

04.10.18 ... Speaking with ERR, Pro Patria Party chairman Helir-Valdor Seeder said that making the second pension pillar, which is currently mandatory for all persons born in 1983 or later, voluntary will be one of his party's most important campaign promises. According to Seeder, however, this would only be an intermediate step as the goal would be to abolish the second pillar altogether.

Digest: Why does e-Estonia still not have centralised patient registration?

04.10.18 ... In an opinion piece published in daily Eesti Päevaleht (EPL), Kätlin Pääro, head of the secretariat of the Centre Party parliamentary group, asks how it is possible that Estonia as an e-state, dogged as it perpetually is by lengthy waiting lists to see a specialist, still lacks centralised, digital patient registration.

EKRE introduces economic plan: Borrow billions, reduce taxes

03.10.18 ... Ahead of the 2019 Riigikogu elections next March, the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) is promising they would take out billions of euros in loans in order to reduce people's tax burdens as well as build more four-lane highways and a bridge to Saaremaa.

Parliament to distribute €30 million in protection money this year

02.10.18 ... Every year, the Riigikogu allocates a set amount of money for "local investments." Nicknamed "protection money," it is typically used to fund hand-picked projects of Estonia's various political parties and acts as a sort of grease leading up to the vote on the budget for the coming year. Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Centre) defended the practice on Tuesday.

Digest: Russian cultural autonomy on other side of Narva River, says Helme

02.10.18 ... In an opinion piece published in daily Eesti Päevaleht (EPL), Mart Helme, chairman of the opposition Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE), finds it unsurprising that Centre Party MEP Yana Toom would want cultural autonomy for Estonia's Russian-speaking population and invites those interested in it to either assimilate or move to Russia.

Siiri Sisask walks back decision to run for Riigikogu in EKRE

01.10.18 ... Just two days after announcing her intention to join the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) and run as a member thereof in the 2019 Riigikogu elections next March, singer and former Riigikogu MP Siiri Sisask announced on Monday that she would not run in the elections as a member of the party after all.

New Free Party chairman aiming for 12 Riigikogu mandates in 2019 election

01.10.18 ... Kaul Nurm, who was elected chairman of Estonia's opposition Free Party on Sunday, said that the party has a real chance of winning twelve seats in next year's parliamentary election on 3 March.

Party board meetings bring crystallisation of positions, policies

30.09.18 ... Most of the major political parties in Estonia held their extended board meetings on Saturday, at various venues. Recurring themes included tax reform and where tax revenues might derive, Estonia's future development as a free society or otherwise, and the almost universally panned alcohol excise hikes. Battle lines seemed to be quite clearly drawn between some parties, too. Here is a summary, party-by-party.

Several different world views may comprise next parliament, says speaker

29.09.18 ... Speaker of parliament Eiki Nestor (SDE) expressed a hope on Friday that at least five different world views be represented at the Riigikogu after the general election in march.

Russian cultural autonomy needs serious consideration, says Yana Toom MEP

28.09.18 ... Yana Toom MEP (Centre) said on Friday that consideration of cultural autonomy for the Russian-speaking population in Estonia is crucial, going against the grain of many other political parties, who favour Estonian-language education, amongst other integration policies.

Ratas, Pro Patria ministers slam Kallas' proposal to eliminate social tax

27.09.18 ... Prime Minister Jüri Ratas (Centre), Minister of Justice Urmas Reinsalu (Pro Patria) and Minister of Finance Toomas Tõniste (Pro Patria) at Thursday's government press conference criticised an idea proposed by opposition Reform Party chairwoman Kaja Kallas to eliminate the social tax in Estonia.

EKRE leader on education, Russian votes and possible coalition partners

26.09.18 ... Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) leader Mart Helme stated on Wednesday a willingness to be in government with either Reform or Centre, albeit with strings attached. He also spoke on topics affecting the Russian-speaking populace: education and Estonian-Russian relations, as well as potential EKRE Russian-speaking voters.

EKRE and SDE both rise in support, no chance of coalition partnership

25.09.18 ... Leader of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) Mart Helme says there is no chance of his party being in government with the Social Democratic Party (SDE), the only other party to have seen a growth in support in recent months.

Centre exchanges Russian support for Estonian

24.09.18 ... Whilst ruling Centre Party has lost support this year with its traditional stronghold of Russian-speaking voters, it has gained ground with Estonian-speaking voters, polls say.

Estonia 200 to establish shadow cabinet

24.09.18 ... The nascent Estonia 200 political movement is to establish a shadow cabinet on Monday which is to meet every week and promises to offer its own vision of reforms necessary for Estonia's development.

September party ratings: Reform loses ground to Centre

24.09.18 ... While the opposition Reform Party remains the most popular political force in Estonia, it has lost significant ground to the coalition Centre Party, according to the results of a survey commissioned by BNS and daily Postimees and conducted by Kantar Emor in mid-September.

Taavi Rõivas reneges on May Tallinn candidacy announcement

21.09.18 ... Former Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas (Reform) seems to have backtracked on an earlier plan to run in the Kesklinn, Lasnamäe and Pirita district of Tallinn at the next general election.

Scientists calculate administrative cost to state of electronic votes

21.09.18 ... TalTech scientists have calculated the administrative cost per electronic vote in Estonia. At €2.32, it is by far the cheapest option, followed by €4.37 per vote cast on election day, €6.24 per early vote in the country's county centres, and a whopping €20.41 per vote cast at a local polling division.

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