Tallinn Mayor an 'Agent of Russian Influence,' Alleges Leaked Intelligence (65)

Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar (wearing brown overcoat) in St. Petersburg, Russia, visiting the Levashovo cemetery on Russia's national day of remembrance for victims of political repression. Photo: Raepress
12/16/2010 10:20 AM
Category: Politics

Sources have leaked that the Estonian President, Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior hold an intelligence briefing document from the Security Police that names Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar as a threat to national security.

Savisaar is chairman of the Centre Party, which has developed unusually close relations with the Russian Federation. This spring, Savisaar traveled to Russia on a relations building visit, which the national counter intelligence agency, KAPO, asserts in documents leaked to Postimees, led to "the most insipid story for our country's morale in the last 20 years."

The document provided to government leaders alleges that Savisaar has through mediators attained 1.5 million euros to enhance the influence of the Russian Federation in Estonia.

Savisaar refrained from commenting to Postimees on December 15. Savisaar's press conference on the issue has been scheduled at midday on December 16.

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