2010 Exploitation Bestseller Translated into English ({{commentsTotal}})

The 31-year-old crime writer Allan Keian has announced an e-book translation of his 2010 debut bestseller, "Shortcut to Paradise," kultuur.err.ee reported.

The book is about a 16-year-old girl who is falsely accused of smoking marijuana and expelled from school. Her life then spirals into a nightmare cautionary tale, with stock "Eastern European" themes heavily sampled - prostitution, east vs west, neocapitalist city versus depressive small towns.

"It's the result of four long years of continuous work," said Keian, who reached agreement with Harmony Publishing and Amazon for the distribution of the book. Alexander Harding is credited as the translator.

Translations of Estonian novels remain fairly few. Although the last year brought a few high-end breakthroughs from 20th century and contemporary authors, there has arguably been a lack of a representative cross-section of translations of commercially successful works widely read by the public.