Tallinn Maritime Days highlight of last weekend in August

17.08.22 NEWS ... Tallinn Maritime Days (Tallinna Merepäevad) take place later on in the month and will bring a wide selection of vessels large and small to the Estonian capital.

Competition Authority to investigate causes of new record electricity price

17.08.22 NEWS ... The Estonian Competition Authority (ECA) on Wednesday launched an investigation into the record high exchange rate for electricity to see whether or not it was the result of market manipulation.

Estonian Navy conscripts get in training on terra firma

17.08.22 NEWS ... Estonian Navy (Merevägi) conscripts swapped the open water for the more enclosed environment of the Estonian forest in a recent training exercise.

Warm weather brings jellyfish to Estonian shores

17.08.22 NEWS ... Thousands of jellyfish have visited Estonia's shores this month due to the unusually hot August weather.

Kiisa backup power plant can't lower electricity prices

17.08.22 NEWS ... Although Elering has an emergency standby power plant in Kiisa, it cannot be used to mitigate record high electricity prices, because the system operator does not participate in the electricity market and the emergency plant is only intended to replace regular power plants in the event of an unexpected failure.

Auvere Power Plant to shut down for month of repairs again this fall

17.08.22 NEWS ... One of the factors contributing to the record-high cost of electricity in Estonia on Wednesday is the repairs currently underway on several energy blocks at the power plants in Narva. While two blocks will be restarted within the next few days, Auvere Power Plant is also slated to be shut down for a month of repairs this fall.

Estonian FM: It is possible to bar Russians with EU-issued tourist visas

17.08.22 NEWS ... Estonia will be able to bar entry to Russians with Schengen visas issued by other EU Member States as the EU's treaties allow such a step, Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsau (Isamaa) said on Wednesday.

Language board chief: Law must require local politicians speak Estonian

17.08.22 NEWS ... Sessions at Narva council chambers which were held this week regarding the removal of the controversial tank monument were mostly conducted in the Russian-language rather than in Estonian, a situation which baffles Ilmar Tomusk, Director General of the Estonian Language Inspectorate (Keeleinspektsioon).

Influence peddling trial involving Center Party starts November

17.08.22 NEWS ... A court has set a date of November 11 for the first hearing in a corruption case concerning allegations of influence peddling at a Tallinn real estate development which engulfed the Center Party, and led to the collapse of the Center/EKRE/Isamaa coalition early in 2021.

Ilmar Raag: Soviet tank sign of no empathy for Eastern Europe

17.08.22 OPINION ... Through all the new manifestations of Russian imperialism, a defiant idea has been forming in the minds of many Estonians: this time, we will fight back. The Russian empire may still be stronger than us, and war is never pretty. But we have nothing to lose and we will fight back no matter what. The removal of the [Narva] tank is only a small part of that same preparedness, Ilmar Raag writes.

University of Tartu starts new coronavirus prevalence study

17.08.22 NEWS ... More than 2,000 people will take part in the University of Tartu's latest coronavirus prevalence study which starts today (August 17). The survey will give an overview of the situation in Estonia before the school year starts.

Gallery: Second 'Melchior the Apothecary' movie premieres this week

17.08.22 NEWS ... Monday marked the gala premiere of "Melchior the Apothecary: The Ghost," the second movie in a trilogy based on the medieval crime bestsellers by bestselling Estonian author Indrek Hargla. "The Ghost" will hit theaters nationwide by Friday.

Estonia's average electricity price to drop to €555 per MWh on Thursday

17.08.22 NEWS ... Following record-shattering average and peak hourly prices on Wednesday, the average price of electricity in Estonia is to decrease €555.18 per megawatt-hour on Thursday, peaking at €667.04 in the afternoon, according to Nord Pool's day ahead prices* for August 18.

July sees record connection applications from solar electricity producers

17.08.22 NEWS ... This July, electricity producers linked to Estonian network operator Elektrilevi's grid provided the network with nearly 87 gigawatt-hours of electricity. Elektrilevi also received record numbers of connection applications from solar electricity producers last month.

PPA chief: No major disruption likely in Narva in near future

17.08.22 NEWS ... While there were likely to be minor incidents in Narva on Tuesday evening following the removal of the Soviet tank monument, and of other Soviet-era monuments in the vicinity, the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) had no information that any major disturbances would happen, the authority's director general, Elmar Vaher, forecast – and indeed turned out to be correct about.

State sharply hikes countryside doctor beginner's allowance

17.08.22 NEWS ... The Minister of Health and Labor Peep Peterson has signed a decree increasing the beginner's allowance for medical specialists working outside of Tallinn, Tartu or the local governments immediately neighboring thereto.

Latvia, Estonia discuss Riga-Tartu trainline

17.08.22 NEWS ... Estonian and Latvian ministers met in Tartu on Tuesday to discuss transport connections between the countries, including a train connection between Tartu and Riga and Rail Baltic.

Estonia's record electricity price: Everything that could happen, happened

17.08.22 NEWS ... Today's record high electricity stock exchange price is due to a number of factors coinciding at the same time and all options to increase imports are exhausted, Nord Pool said on Tuesday.

Estonia receives €24 million in tax revenue from e-residents in first half

17.08.22 NEWS ... In the first half of 2022, Estonia collected a combined €24 million in tax revenue from e-residents, exceeding last year's record numbers by 85 percent.

Narva tank now in Viimsi museum hangar, likely on display by weekend

17.08.22 NEWS ... The 'Narva tank' is now inside a hangar at the national war museum in Viimsi, near Tallinn, after its removal Tuesday, and while much of the focus on events dealt with political aspects, the museum's chief noted that, at 30 tonnes, the logistical side was noteworthy too.

Estonia to auction competing proposals for wind farm building permits

17.08.22 NEWS ... Minister of Economic Affairs Riina Sikkut sent a draft decree to the ministries for approval that establishes a framework for auctions of offshore wind farm building licenses.

Electric car sales steadily increase

17.08.22 NEWS ... By 2035, all new cars sold in the European Union will be electric. Although electric vehicles (EVs) account only for 3 percent of car sales in Estonia today, car dealers say that sales are steadily rising.

Viper that bit dog walker in Tallinn last week still not found

17.08.22 NEWS ... Following an unsuccessful visual search of the green area where the bite occurred, a common European viper to bite a Tallinn resident walking their dogs in Kristiine District last week has yet to be found.

Culture minister after Narva visit: Many are asking what next

17.08.22 NEWS ... Minister of Culture Piret Hartman (SDE) said on the "Vikerhommik" radio show that many people in Narva are asking what comes next, following the removal of the "Tank T-34" monument.

Prime minister: State dealt with Narva tank removal very professionally

17.08.22 NEWS ... While the operation to remove the Soviet-era tank monument from its location just outside the eastern Estonian town of Narva, along with the removal of other Soviet-era monuments and memorials in the area, was logistically speaking a complex task, it was good job well done, and conducted professionally, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (Reform) says.

Industry chief: Wednesday's record electricity price could happen again

17.08.22 ECONOMY ... Those electricity consumers who are not on a fixed-price contract with their supplier should sign up to a universal service instead, Kalev Kallemets, board chair at energy company Fermi Energia, says, adding that Wednesday's record price per hour of €4,000 per Megawatt-hour will not be the last time such figures are experienced.

Party ratings: Support for EKRE inching upwards

17.08.22 NEWS ... Recent polls saw support for the Conservative People's Party (EKRE) grow slightly, while that of the ruling Reform Party shrank.

PPA: Narva peaceful overnight following tank monument removal

17.08.22 NEWS ... Tuesday night passed largely peacefully at the site just outside Narva where a Soviet-era tank monument was removed from its plinth earlier in the day, the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) says, with members of the public congregating both at the tank's former location and elsewhere remaining under control.

Gas companies protest draft natural gas emergency cutoff law

17.08.22 NEWS ... The Estonian Gas Association (Gaasiliit) and the largest natural gas distributor network operator in Estonia, AS Gaasivõrk, argued that the new draft bill regarding natural gas emergency cut-off prioritization is imprecisely phrased, and puts tasks on network operators that are beyond the scope of their competence.

Gallery: Truck collides with, derails Tallinn tram

16.08.22 GALLERIES ... A collision involving a truck and a tram at around 5 p.m. Tuesday caused services on the number 2 and number 4 tram line along Tartu maantee in Tallinn to come to a halt.

Top Estonian chefs to mentor next generation of cooking enthusiasts

16.08.22 NEWS ... 14 of Estonia's top chefs have offered to mentor new and enthusiastic cooks in a bid to inspire the next generation of culinary enthusiasts.

Winning name picked for Tallinn Zoo's two-toed sloth

16.08.22 NEWS ... The winner of a competition to name a recent addition to Tallinn Zoo, a female two-toed sloth, has been announced.

'Treski Thrill' festival brings good vibes to Setomaa

16.08.22 NEWS ... 'Treski Thrill' a festival of music and inspiration took place for the first time this weekend in Setomaa, southern Estonia. The three day festival, which kicked off on August 12, featured live performances from top Estonian acts including NÖEP, Lexsoul Dancemachine, Tõnu Tubli and Daniel Levi as well as a special inspiration program with saunas, ice baths and coaching workshops.

Municipal Council chair: Better locations for the tank than Viimsi exist

16.08.22 NEWS ... Since the Estonian War Museum (Eesti sõjamuuseum) already has a Soviet T-34 tank in its collection, and given the tensions surrounding the fate of the Narva tank of the same model, until Tuesday a war memorial in the eastern city, relocating it to Viimsi is inappropriate, the municipal council chair Lauri Hussar (Eesti 200) says.

Finnish FM: Finland to reduce visas issued to Russians by 90 percent

16.08.22 NEWS ... Finland will reduce the number of visas it issues to Russian citizens by 90 percent, Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto said on Tuesday, public broadcaster Yle reported.

Tartu gifting three buses to Ukrainian city of Lviv

16.08.22 NEWS ... The City of Tartu is gifting three county buses to the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, where the buses will be used primarily to transport children.

Police detain eight as Soviet monuments in Narva removed Tuesday

16.08.22 NEWS ... Police in Estonia have detained eight people during the removal of several Soviet monuments in Narva on Tuesday, confirmed Narva Police Station Chief Indrek Püvi.

Central bank: Estonian labor market remained strong in second quarter

16.08.22 NEWS ... The situation on Estonia's labor market remained favorable in the second quarter of 2022, with employment as well as the number of people receiving declared wages both up. War refugees from Ukraine have begun working and seeking work on the Estonian labor market as well, the Bank of Estonia said.

Yana Toom on tank removal: Integration efforts nullified

16.08.22 NEWS ... MEP Yana Toom (Center, ALDE), who is in Narva-Jõesuu today, told Vikerraadio in an interview that people come up to her on the street to express how disgusted they feel over the tank monument's removal. Toom said that recent years' efforts at integration in Narva have been nullified.

Births in Estonia down 15 percent on year to July 2022

16.08.22 ECONOMY ... A total of 1,016 births, 460 girls and 556 boys, were registered in Estonia in July, the Ministry of the Interior says, down 14.9 percent on the same month in 2021. The number of marriages reported stood at 1,153, up 7 percent, while 1,312 deaths were reported for the month, a fall of 2 percent on year.

President: Tanks not needed to remember the fallen when we have graveyards

16.08.22 OPINION ... Tanks are not needed to remember the fallen when there are graves and graveyards, President Alar Karis said on Tuesday, after the removal of the Soviet T-34 tank monument from Narva. Karis believes a line should now be drawn under the issue.

Culture minister to visit Ida-Viru County on Wednesday

16.08.22 NEWS ... Minister of Culture Piret Hartman (SDE) will visit Narva on Wednesday to discuss the future development of the city and Ida-Viru County.

Narva tank arrives at Estonian War Museum

16.08.22 NEWS ... The Soviet T-34 tank monument, which was removed from Narva on Tuesday morning, arrived at the Estonian War Museum in Viimsi at approximately 3 p.m.

Estonia's electricity price to peak at record €4,000 per MWh on Wednesday

16.08.22 NEWS ... The average price of electricity in Estonia is to increase to €682.05 per megawatt-hour on Wednesday, peaking at a record €4,000 per megawatt-hour Wednesday evening, according to Nord Pool's day-ahead prices* for August 17.

Station Narva 2022 music lineup announced

16.08.22 NEWS ... The music program for this year's Station Narva has been announced. The now annual music and city festival, which this year takes place for the fifth time on September 8-11 in Narva, will include live performances from Ukrainian electro-folk band ONUKA, British instrumental acid jazz trio Red Snapper, alongside recently reformed Estonian hip-hop legends A-Rühm and prog-rockers Mahavok.

Power grid development funding falls short of Elektrilevi expectations

16.08.22 NEWS ... Toward the start of the year, Estonia's power distribution network operator Elering asked the government for €55 million to develop new grid connection capacity. The government allocated just €8 million.

Estonian government relocates Narva tank monument

16.08.22 NEWS ... A controversial Soviet-era tank monument was removed by government order from its plinth in the eastern city of Narva on Tuesday after several weeks of discussion. It has now been moved to the Estonian War Museum in Viimsi.

Bayraktar drone fundraiser for Ukraine launched in Latvia

16.08.22 NEWS ... A public fundraising drive to buy a Bayraktar combat drone for Ukraine has been started in Latvia, public broadcaster LSM reported on Tuesday. The target is €5 million.

Health Board: More than 4,100 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed last week

16.08.22 NEWS ... As of Monday morning, a total of 136 people in Estonia are currently hospitalized with COVID-19. In all, 4,157 new cases of COVID were diagnosed last week, and another just under 2,000 new lab-confirmed cases can be expected this week, the Health Board said in its weekly forecast.

PPA: No need to limit alcohol sales in Narva or close Russian border

16.08.22 NEWS ... The situation in Narva is calm and there is no need to ban the sale of alcohol or close the border with Russia, said Tarvo Kruup, prefect of the Police and Border Guard Board's eastern region, on Tuesday.

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