2021 Elections

More than a dozen developments could be completed in Tallinn by elections

17.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... There are more than a dozen different construction objects planned to be completed in Tallinn before the local government elections in mid-October.

President-elect announces top advisors

17.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... President-elect Alar Karis will appoint Peep Jahilo as director of his office. In addition, the next president of Estonia has chosen his security, foreign affairs and education advisers, but did not reveal any other advisers' names.

Parties to spend between €500,000-€1 million on local elections

17.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Political parties estimate they will spend between €500,000 and €1 million on the upcoming local elections, with Reform expecting to spend the most and the Social Democrats the least.

Find your local election candidate

17.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... The Electoral Commission has published lists of political parties, electoral alliances and individual candidates running in the upcoming local government council elections.

State Electoral Office offering training for e-election observers

16.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... During the run-up to the October 17 local elections, the State Electoral Office will offer training opportunities to explain e-voting procedures and activities.

Politicians trying to engage school-age voters

14.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Political parties are trying to engage 16- and 17-year-old voters by organizing debates at school. The Ministry of Education has said schools must remain neutral in the discussion.

136 electoral blocs and 43 individual candidates participating in elections

13.09.21 NEWS ... There are a total 136 electoral blocs set to participate in the local government elections in October, but there are also seven local municipalities, where there are no blocs. As of Sunday, 43 people have presented themselves as individual candidates.

Former Tallinn mayor running in local elections with anti-vaxxer group

12.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Former Tallinn mayor Edgar Savisaar is running in the Tallinn district of Lasnamäe in this October's local elections. Savisaar is running with Vaba Eesti, one of two electoral alliances registered on the capital's candidate lists and which is running on an anti-vaccination, Eurosceptic platform.

Over 1,000 people running for Tallinn city council

10.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... The electoral committee of the city of Tallinn has registered eight individual candidates and the lists of eight political parties and two electoral blocs with a total of 1,183 candidates for the city council elections.

Tallinn local election candidate numbers issued at random Friday morning

10.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Candidate numbers are being issued on Friday to all running in October's local election, in Tallinn. The numbers are allocated by lot.

AK: 384 local election candidates registered in Tartu city

09.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... A total of 384 candidates are registered to run at the local elections in Tartu city, ETV news show 'Aktuaalne kaamera' (AK) reported Wednesday night. While a trend observed in Tallinn and Harju County for a decline in the number of electoral alliances, as opposed to parties, is the case in Tartu as well, the one electoral alliance which has been registered is headed up by an individual who has in the past made terror threats.

Tallinn deputy mayor denies criminal investigation false statement charges

08.09.21 NEWS ... A Tallinn deputy mayor accused of giving false statements in relation to a criminal investigation denies the charges. The investigation concerns an illegal donation made to the Center Party last year of €50,000, which the party later returned.

Gallery: Over a thousand candidates to run in Tallinn at local elections

08.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Candidate nomination for next month's local elections ended Tuesday evening. In Tallinn, 1,182 individuals are registered across eight parties and two electoral alliances, while there are 10 independent candidates running in the capital, Tallinn city government says.

Party ratings: Reform support falls below 29-percent mark

08.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... The coalition Reform Party continues to be most supported in Estonia, though its level has fallen below the 29-percent mark, according to a recent survey.

Tallinn urban space key election theme for Reform, SDE

07.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Tallinn's urban space and its future developement is the main issue of the local elections for both Reform and the Social Democratic Party (SDE). On Monday both parties submitted candidate lists for Tallinn City Council.

Parties will campaign in front of polling booths in October

07.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... October's local elections are the first in Estonia where parties can advertise outdoors right up until polling day. While the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) says it has been receiving applications to set up party campaign tents directly outside polling stations, the secretaries general of the two largest parties, Reform and Center, say this will neither skew results nor cause problems between the parties, or with the public.

Estonian Greens: We won't be in Tallinn coalition with Center

07.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... The Estonian Greens would not enter a coalition in Tallinn with the Center Party following October's local elections, party leader Züleyxa Izmailova says.

Local election candidate registration closes on Tuesday evening

07.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Candidates for the upcoming local election have until 6 p.m. this evening (September 7) to register themselves.

Local election lists will be finalized by Sunday

06.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Presenting candidates for local government elections on October 17 will end on Tuesday evening and the final election lists will be confirmed this Sunday.

Most parties not campaigning on nationality at Tallinn local elections

06.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Tallinn Center Party politicians have said rival parties are raising nationality as an issue in the election campaigns. While Isamaa has said Center holds on to power by appealing to Russian-Estonians, other parties do not consider the issue to be important.

Reform may expel Narva mayor from party

06.09.21 POLITICS ... Reform Party's Narva region has made an unanimous proposal to party management to expel recently elected Narva mayor and 26-year Reform member Ants Liimets from the party.

Feature: What topics should the next president of Estonia deal with?

06.09.21 NEWS ... Last week Alar Karis was elected the next president of Estonia. ETV's current affairs show "Aktuaalne kaamera. nadal" interviewed experts and asked what he should focus on during his five-year term of office and how much influence he will have on domestic politics.

President visits US Navy destroyer in port in Tallinn

05.09.21 NEWS ... US Navy destroyer the USS Arleigh Burke was in port in Tallinn this weekend, with President Kersti Kaljulaid getting the guided tour.

President: Hybrid warfare on Belarus border, not migrant crisis

04.09.21 NEWS ... Outgoing president Kersti Kaljulaid reiterated statements she made earlier that recent, large-scale border crossings from Belarus in to European Member States Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, are a hybrid attack on the part of Alexander Lukashenko's regime and do not constitute a migration crisis.

Center Party names Arkadi Popov to its city center district electoral list

04.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... The Center Party has unveiled its leading Tallinn city center (Kesklinn) candidates for this October's local election. The front runners are Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas, chief doctor at West Tallinn Central Hospital (LTKH) Arkadi Popov, and current city center Elder Monika Haukanõmm.

73 women, 46 men on SDE Tallinn local elections list

04.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Party leader Indrek Saar, one of the party's two MEP's Sven Mikser and MP Riina Sikkut are among the Social Democratic Party's (SDE) lead candidates in this October's local elections.

Over 130 electoral groups rival main parties ahead of October's local polls

03.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Well over a 100 electoral alliances are registered nationwide and ahead of the October local elections, including two in the capital, as of Thursday's filing deadline. Such groups are peculiar to Estonia's local elections and don't appear at its Riigikogu and European polls, often relate to a particular municipality, and provide an alternative to the mainstream, national parties.

Narva loses deputy mayor position before local elections

03.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... On Thursday, the Narva city council decided to lose the position of deputy mayor - the replacement of previous deputy mayor Sergei Gorlatš (Reform) Urmas Tokman will become a city government member instead.

Common angle may get parties out of trenches in Tallinn

03.09.21 NEWS ... In the run-up to the local elections, the biggest political opponents in Tallinn are also talking about the possibility of coming to an agreement. However, only the right-wing parties have expressed a clear desire to overturn the current status quo.

Four political groups present mayoral candidates in Haapsalu

03.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Four political groups have presented their choices as candidates for the position of Mayor of Haapsalu. While the current coalition pair of electoral bloc HARI and Center Party point to completed as well as ongoing projects, opposition parties say it is time for more meaningful change.

All ministers to stand in local elections except Kallas, Kersna

03.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... So far, all coalition ministers will stand as candidates in the upcoming local elections in October except Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (Reform) and Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna (Reform).

SDE leader to run in Tallinn, has to re-register residence address

02.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Social Democratic Party (SDE) chair Indrek Saar is to run in the affluent Tallinn district of Nõmme in October's local elections, despite usually residing in another county. Saar, who is also a Riigikogu MP, says rules which required him to change his place of residence to Tallinn ahead of the election are outdated, and need reforming.

Hospital chief standing in Tallinn local elections for Center Party

02.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... The head of West Tallinn Central Hospital Arkadi Popov will stand as a candidate for the Center Party in Tallinn City Council. He will run in Tallinn's City Center (Kesklinn) constituency.

Kersti Kaljulaid: I will continue in public life post-presidency

01.09.21 POLITICS ... Outgoing president Kersti Kaljulaid has 40 days left in office, but far from taking herself into the wilderness, even figuratively, she intends to keep busy during that time. Kaljulaid told ERR Wednesday she had never sought reelection for its own sake, wished president-elect Alar Karis well, and said he would make an effective head of state.

President-elect may have to relinquish Chilean honorary consul post

01.09.21 NEWS ... Estonia's president-elect Alar Karis may have to vacate his role of honorary consul representing the South American nation of Chile, a position he has held for around 10 years.

Ilves-founded think-tank had to vacate Kadriorg premises

01.09.21 NEWS ... Tuesday's election may mean a new resident at Kadriorg, seat of the President of Estonia, but a paying tenant, the Estonian Cooperation Assembly (Eesti Koostöö Kogu), has already had to move out.

European leaders congratulate Karis

01.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Estonia's allies congratulated Alar Karis on becoming the next president of Estonia on Tuesday.

AK: Alar Karis colleagues give thumbs-up to his election as president

01.09.21 NEWS ... Tartu native Alar Karis was closely supported by his former colleagues at the Estonian University of Life Sciences (Eesti Maaülikool), the University of Tartu and his current colleagues at the Estonian National Museum (ERM), also based in Tartu, ETV news show 'Aktuaalne kaamera' (AK) reported Tuesday evening.

President-elect: I'll keep questions over election process on table

01.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Newly-elected President of Estonia Alar Karis says that the issue of the electoral process needs to be addressed, and if needed reformed. He will keep the matter in public focus, he added.

Party Ratings: Support for Reform dips below the 30-percent mark

01.09.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Support for the coalition Reform Party fell slightly over the past week, though it is still the most popular political party in Estonia, according to a recent survey, followed by the opposition Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE).

Gallery: Kersti Kaljulaid meets with Alar Karis at Kadriorg

31.08.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Sitting President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid invited president-elect Alar Karis to Kadriorg Tuesday afternoon, following the Riigikogu ballot which voted him in.

Karis: I will communicate with all political forces

31.08.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Estonia's new president-elect Alar Karis said on Tuesday he intends to communicate with all political forces in the country.

Alar Karis elected President of Estonia

31.08.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Alar Karis will become Estonia's next head of state after being elected president in the Riigikogu on Tuesday during the second round of voting. Karis received 72 votes, passing the 68 votes needed to get elected.

Eesti 200 leader: Direct presidential elections would be bad thing

31.08.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... A president directly elected by the people would not be a good thing, Eesti 200 leader Kristina Kallas says.

Gallery: Presidential election 2021 second round of voting

31.08.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... The second round of voting in the Estonian presidential election is underway and should end at 1 p.m. Riigikogu members are voting for or against the only candidate director of the Estonian National Museum Alar Karis.

Helir-Valdor Seeder not voting in presidential election second ballot

31.08.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Isamaa chair Helir-Valdor Seeder will not be voting in Tuesday's presidential election second ballot at the Riigikogu, due to ill health. Provisions for Reform Party MP Siim Kallas to vote are in place, the party's Riigikogu group chair says. Both MPs are currently in hospital, and did not vote in Monday's ballot either.

MP: Isamaa members have promised to support Karis

31.08.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Isamaa Riigikogu member Aivar Kokk said the party will support presidential candidate Alar Karis in the second round of voting on Tuesday.

SDE chair gives go ahead to MPs to vote for Alar Karis as president

31.08.21 NEWS ... Chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDE) Indrek Saar said after the meeting with the party's Riigikogu group and presidential candidate Alar Karis that he gave the MPs a recommendation to vote for Karis. SDE had previously been lukewarm to the national museum director, who is the coalition's official candidate.

Journalist: Opposition parties wanting limelight in Karis holdout

31.08.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... The opposition Social Democrats (SDE) and Isamaa are leveraging their position in the presidential elections to get exposure ahead of October's local elections, senior ERR journalist Anvar Samost said on Monday. Looking at Karis' 63 votes, some MPs must have given misleading statements to the media about how they would vote, he added.

SDE board members call on party to support Karis for president

31.08.21 2021 ELECTIONS ... Social Democrat Party (SDE) board members are calling on MPs to support Alar Karis as president at the second vote on Tuesday.
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