Tartu-Valga Rail Baltic Route Should Be Considered, Says Tartu Mayor ({{commentsTotal}})

Tartu Mayor Urmas Kruuse has come out in support of a proposal by Valga County municipalities that the government analyze the option of diverting the Rail Baltic track through Tartu and Valga at the expense of Pärnu.

The Valga County municipalities said that the alternative track study should be made in case the Pärnu route planning is hindered by the demands of local landowners, ETV reported on Thursday.

Kruuse said there would be more passengers if the high-speed track passed Tartu, and he has asked the Ministry of Economic Affairs to clarify possible problems with the Pärnu plan.

The said that the Tartu-Valga track would have more benefits for the whole of Estonia as well as for Latvia.

The Tartu-Valga option could also turn out to be cheaper as the current lines would not need as much investment as would the Pärnu track.