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Multinational Alstom is planning to lay off 94 employees in Narva. The company explains the step with decreasing contract volumes for the repair of power stations and substations. The local trade union doubts the lay-offs are necessary.

According to the Narva Energia trade union, Alstom Estonia is planning to lay off about a third of its more than 300 workers. The employees affected are the professionals who repair and maintain the systems of the Narva power plants.

Chairman Andrei Zaitsev said that the union didn’t understand why the lay-offs were necessary. “We see the situation as it is here, not from somewhere in Paris, where the orders are coming from,” Zaitsev said, adding that the company’s employees were all busy and that there was plenty of work. They were even working overtime, he stressed.

According to information available to the Unemployment Insurance Fund, Alstom is planning to lay off 94 workers in September and November this year. The fund is planning to help the affected employees with information days and job fairs. The fund thinks that the workers stand a good chance to find new jobs in the area.

Anneki Teelahk, the director of the local branch of the Unemployment Insurance Fund, said that workers with this particular skill set would likely be able to find work with the local metalworks industry.

Union worried about Alstom Estonia’s future

The Narva Energia union isn’t so much worried about the fate of the workers as it is about the future of Alstom’s operations in the country. According to Andrei Zaitsev, the question is who Alstom will have left to work for them if the company is offered an increased volume again. With the lay-offs, some areas will be “pretty empty”, as he puts it,

According to CEO of Alstom Estonia, Karl Jaanimäe, the volume of needed maintenance and repair work at the local power plants will noticeably decrease with the beginning of 2017, which is why the decision was made to downsize the workforce.

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