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Presidents Kersti Kaljulaid and François Hollande in Paris, Dec. 7, 2016.
Presidents Kersti Kaljulaid and François Hollande in Paris, Dec. 7, 2016. Source: (Présidence de la République)

President Kersti Kaljulaid met with French president François Hollande on Wednesday. The heads of state discussed the future of the European Union and its role in world politics. Security issues, cyber security, and the potential of e-government services were on the agenda as well.

Kaljulaid said that France was a very important ally to Estonia, and pointed to the cooperation of the two countries in matters of security. “Our soldiers stand side by side in Mali, and earlier in the Central African Republic and on the Atalanta anty-piracy mission,” Kaljulaid said, adding that France would also make a great commitment with its troops joining the NATO deterrent in Estonia in 2017.

At their meeting, the presidents stressed the importance of the Minsk accords to the security of the whole region. The unity of the EU mattered elsewhere as well, as Europe could only be strong if it stood united and concentrated on those important issues that the EU’s member states couldn’t deal with on their own. “Be it the migration crisis, environmental questions, or energy security. What every state can do on itws own, every state should arrange for itself,” Kaljulaid said.

Hollande expressed interest in Estonia’s e-government systems, and in matters of cyber security.

Kaljulaid also participated in a summit on open government, and a round table on security at the French Institute of International Relations.

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