President awards 152 state decorations

President Kersti Kaljulaid appoints Kaja Kallas' government.
President Kersti Kaljulaid appoints Kaja Kallas' government. Source: Ken Mürk/ERR

President Kersti Kaljulaid has awarded 152 state decoration this year, including to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former Prime Minister Jüri Ratas and head of the scientific council Professor Irja Lutsar.

More information about the awards can be read on the president's website in Estonian.

The Order of the National Coat of Arms, 2rd Class

Jüri Ratas – Prime Minister of Estonia 2016–2021.

The Order of the White Star, 3rd Class

Küllike Jürimäe – Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Kalle Kirsimäe ­– Geologist, academic, professor at the University of Tartu.

Andre Küüsvek – Executive Director of the Central Bank of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Juhan Lepassaar – Executive Director of the European Union Cyber ​​Security Agency.

Aet Maatee – Promoter and supporter of the Estonian song and dance festival.

The Order of the White Star, 4th Class

Tiit Asumets – Business promoter in Hiiumaa.

Tanel-Taavi Bulitko – Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Breeders' Association. 

Eero Epner – Art historian and playwright.

Jaan Holt – Supporter of Estonian architectural education. Professor Emeritus of the Washington-Alexandria Center for Architecture.

Üllar Jaaksoo – Long-term top manager of companies, founder and manager of Greenenergy Data Centers. Played an important role in the preparations for the Three Seas Summit.

Marje Josing – Economic analyst. Director of the Estonian Institute of Economic Research.

Aadu Juhkental – Business promoter in Pärnu County.

Sulev Kalamäe – Honorary Consul of Estonia and promoter of Estonian culture in Australia.

Karmel Killandi – Editor-in-Chief of ERR's residential programs.

Indrek Kivi – Captain of the sailing ship Admiral Bellingshausen.

Ilona Kivirähk – Translator, promoter of children's literature.

Mare Koit – Professor of Language Technology. 

Olav Kreen – The owner of Rabaveere farm, who has made a significant and long-term contribution to the development of the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce and the formation of agricultural policy.

Irene Kull – Professor of Private Law. 

Leida Lepik – Geographer and business promoter.

Jaanus Luberg - Entrepreneur Promoter in Pärnu County. 

Promoter of Entrepreneurship and Local Life in Järva County. Member of the board of Paide Masinatehase.

Andrei Nazarov – Athletics coach.

Tiina Nirk – Diplomat, organizer of consular assistance during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Tiina Nõges –  Hydrobiologist, professor at the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Tõnu Oks – Owner of Marjamaa farm. A spokesperson for a berry growing company and entrepreneurs in its sector, whose mission is to offer local products all year round. 

Piret Paukštys –  Public Prosecutor who has helped to shape Estonian legal practice both in the fight against money laundering and cybercrime, as well as in the field of international cooperation.

Janek Pohla – Founder of Tahe Outdoors. Entrepreneurship promoter and supporter of green issues. 

Jaak Prints – Head of the School of Performing Arts of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater.

Maarika Priske – Promoter of immersion education in Sillamäe. Director of Sillamäe Kindergarten Pääsupesa..

Jaan Pruulmann – Physicist and information technologist.

Urmas Purde – Business promoter. Co-founder of IT company Pipedrive.

Anton Pärn – Archaeologist and director of Haapsalu and Lääne County Museums Foundation. 

Madis Päts – Lawyer.

Maris Riisenberg – Civil servant. For strengthening Estonian national defense.

Merle Roste – Entrepreneurship promoter in Ida-Viru County.

Luule Sakkeus – Demographer, professor at Tallinn University.

Kusti Salm – Promoter of national defense.

Merike Sisask – Social health developer, professor at Tallinn University.

Alvar Soesoo – Geologist, professor at Tallinn University. 

Urmo Soonvald – Delfi and Eesti Päevaleht chief editor.

Juta Tammai – Head of AS LSAB. Entrepreneurship promoter in Pärnu County.

Paul Teesalu – Promoter of foreign relations and diplomat.

Tõnu Uibopuu – Chairman of the Board of Järva Consumers' Association.

Ingrid Ustav – Director of Kohtla-Järve Kindergarten Kirju-Mirju. Promoter of immersion education in Ida-Viru County.

Heidi Uustalu – Long-term principal of Kiviõli High School.

Indrek Vijard – Choir director.

Sirje Virkus – Information scientist, professor at Tallinn University.

The Order of the White Star, 5th Class

Urmo Aava – Rally promoter.

Õie Arusoo – ERR editor.

Pavel Botšarov – Musician. Performs under the name Gameboy Tetris.

Krista Habakukk – Member of the Board of MTÜ Eesti Külaliikumine Kodukant.

Vello Hanson – Electrical engineer.

Tarmo Hõbe – Rally promoter.

Lilli Jahilo – Fashion designer.

Aivar Juhanson – Artist.

Evelyn Kaldoja – journalist and foreign news editor at Postimees.

Ene Kangron – music teacher. 

Esti Kittus – Artist.

Anu Korb – Folklorist. A long-term collector of Estonian folklore and the folklore of the Siberian Estonians and compiler of the serial "Estonian Settlements I-VII".

Dmitri Kotjuh – press photographer in Järva County.

Juhan Kreem – Historian.

Andres Kuusk – ERR television presenter and journalist.

Marju Marynel Kuut – Singer.

Volli Käro – Actor.

Silver Kütt – Rally promoter and supporter.

Kati Laus – Ministry of Foreign Affairs official and Diplomat.

Luule Lehemets – School teacher and promoter of Estonian folk dance and theater.

Tanel Leok – Motor sports promoter.

Mari-Liis Lill – Actress and director.

Romeo Mukk ­– Promoter of local life in Viljandi County.

Andres Ots – Actor and theater teacher.

Tiit Paulus – Guitarist and long-term music teacher at the Kuressaare Music School, 

Tiit Pekk – Promoter of local life and sports in Ida-Viru County.

Linda Pihu – Folk dance director.

Asta Põldmäe – Writer, editor and literary historian. 

Ain Raal – Promoter of Seto culture. 

Nele Rand – Head of the Study Department of the Defense Forces Academy.

Mihkel Raud – Musician and writer.

Tiia Ristolainen – Promoter of lifelong learning.

Meelis Saarlaid – Captain of the sailing ship Admiral Bellingshausen which traveled to the Antarctic last year.

Hille Saluäär – Editor and translator.

Larissa Savankova – Actress and supporter of children with special needs.

Elviira Sidorova – Director of Sillamäe Library. Promoter of Estonian culture and literature in Ida-Viru County.

Lauri Sommer – Writer, literary critic and musician. 

Luule Sulg – Eidapere school PE teacher. Worked as a teacher for over 65 years and in 2011 elected Rapla County's Teacher of the Year.

Sirle Sööt – Lawyer and promoter of Estonian-Swedish community.

Roman Zaštšerinski – Promoter of Estonian food culture.

Igor Taro –  Promoter of international relations and creator of citizens initiatives between Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Jüri Tarto – Badminton coach.

Ain-Ivar Tupp – Promoter of sports and organizer of sports competitions in Southern Estonia.

Ivo Uukkivi – Drama theater actor.

Lembit Uustulnd – Writer and promoter of Estonia's maritime traditions.

Aigar Vaigu – Physicist

Tiiu Valdma – Textile artist.

Rivo Vesik – Volleyball coach, former volleyball player.

Diana Veskimägi – Chairman of the Estonian Association of Educational Technologies. For her contribution to supporting distance learning in schools.

Vladimir Všivtsev – Head of MTÜ Äkke Spordiklubi and Äkkeküla health sports center. Promoter of sports in Narva.

Ervin Õunapuu – Theater artist, writer and director.  

The Order of the Red Cross, 1st Class

Irja Lutsar – Virology professor and head of the government's scientific council. 

The Order of the Red Cross, 2nd Class

Rein Raie – Surgeon

The Order of the Red Cross, 3rd Class

Rainar Aamisepp – Head of SYNLAB Eesti.

Jelena Leibur – Head of SA EELK Tallinna Diakooniahaigla and doctor.

Inna Lindre – Child psychiatrist

Merike Luman – Nephrologist, kidney specialist at PERH.

Arkadi Popov – Doctor. Chief Emergency Medical Officer of the Health Board of the Health Board. 

Kersti Põldemaa – Director of Tallinn Social Work Center. 

Willy Serlo – Professor of Pediatric Surgery, University of Oulu and University of Oulu Hospital. Works with Tallinn Children's Hospital and has been a mentor to Estonian doctors.

The Order of the Red Cross, 4th Class

Aleksei Gaidajenko – Nursing Director of the North-Estonian Regional Hospital.

Lembit Kipper – Blood donor.

Tiina Kivirüüt – Tartu County Government child protection specialist. 

Mai Kull – Psychiatric nurse. Head of the Department of Emergency Psychiatry, PERH Psychiatric Clinic, and one of the founding members of the Estonian Psychiatric Nurses' Association.

Leili Mutso – Head of Lääne County Women's Support Center.

Anna-Kaisa Oidermaa – Clinical psychologist. CEO of, who works on a daily basis to promote mental health.

Regina Paabo – Sign Language Interpreter. Founder of the Estonian Professional Association of Sign Language Interpreters and creator of the curriculum for sign language interpreters.

Katrin Pruulmann – Child psychologist.

Kait Sinisalu – Psychotherapist working with victims of sexual and intimate partner violence.

The Order of the Red Cross, 5th Class

Cathlen Haugas – Teacher at Urvaste Basic School. Teaches music to students with special needs in his school.

Aino Hiiuväin – Speech therapist. Founder of Saaremaa speech therapy kindergarten groups.

Kalju Leppik – Blood donor.

Margo Must – Blood donor.

Ekke Nääb – Emergency medicine doctor who helped at Kuressaare Hospital during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Arvo Paalberg – Blood donor.

Epp Petrov – Volunteer during the COVID-19 outbreak on Saaremaa.

Valeri Stepanov – Blood donor.

Mare Tuuling – Nurse who has worked for almost 40 years at Kuressaare Hospital.

Ashwath Venkatasubramanian – Resident doctor. Volunteer at Kuressaare Hospital during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The Order of the Red Cross

Ivar Feiman – Chimney sweeper. Feiman has contributed to the security of the Estonian population. He voluntarily teaches new chimney sweeps and passes on his knowledge to them.

The Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 2nd Class

Arnold Sinisalu –  Director General of the Internal Security Service (KAPO), Inspector General of Police. For making a significant contribution to ensuring the security of the Republic of Estonia.

Elmar Vaher – Inspector General of Police, Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board.

The Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 3rd Class

Remigijus Baltrenas – Military Representative of the Republic of Lithuania to NATO, Brigadier General. For promoting Lithuanian-Estonian security cooperation.

Gerry Karro – Commander of the Air Monitoring Division of the Defense Forces. Lieutenant Colonel.

Ahti Varblane – Lieutenant Colonel, Doctor.

The Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 4th Class

Meelis Niinemets – Head of the Department of the Northern Prefecture Law Enforcement Bureau of the PPA.

Keijo Palts – Internal Security Service Officer. For making a significant contribution to ensuring Estonia's security.

Janek Voitka –  Internal Security Service Officer. For making a significant contribution to ensuring Estonia's security.

The Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 5th Class

Härmo Lõsov – Police Officer, first responder at the Western Prefecture. For providing first aid to those involved in the Lihula shooting on June 6, 2020.

Elar Sarik – Regional Police Officer in the Southern Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board.

The Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, 1st class

Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany. For the promotion of bilateral relations between Germany and Estonia.

The Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, 2nd class

Kathryn Ann Bailey Hutchison – United States Representative to NATO 2017-2021. For her contribution to European security.

Marcia Carolyn Kaptur – Member of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress. Supporter of the Three Seas initiatives. 

The Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, 3rd class 

Piotr Krawczyk – Head of the Polish Foreign Intelligence Service. Promoter of Estonian-Polish security cooperation.

Helga Maria Schmid – Secretary General of the OSCE, former Secretary General of the European External Action Service. Developer and promoter of the European Union's common foreign and security policy.

Niklas Marten Zennström – Swedish entrepreneur and investor. Supporter of Estonian business.

The Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, 4th class

Beata Urszula Daszynska-Muzyczka – President of the Polish National Development Bank. Supporter of the Three Seas Initiative.

Luis Felipe Ignacio Ernst Edwards – Honorary Consul of Estonia in Chile. Developer of Estonian-Chilean relations.

Jaana Vasama – Head of the Tuglas Society and promoter of Estonian-Finnish cultural relations.

Seiji Yanagida – Mayor of Saku, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Promoter of relations between Estonia and Japan and two cities in Saku.

The Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana, 5th class

Ian Joseph Brzezinski – Senior research fellow at the Atlantic Council.

Velta Cebotarenoka – Promoter of Baltic co-operation.

Birute Valionyte – Promoter of Baltic co-operation


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