2023 elections

Külli Taro: Estonian society not so polarized to vote only for two parties

02.12.22 NEWS ... Estonian society is not polarized to the extent that only two major political parties would win votes in next spring's Riigikogu elections, political commentator Külli Taro says.

Võru, Valga and Põlva counties: How many voters will EKRE win from Center?

02.12.22 2023 ELECTIONS ... The Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE), the most successful party in the Võru, Valga and Põlva counties constituency, one of the most sparsely populated regions of the country, at the last general election in March 2019, is, ERR writes, the favorite for 2023 also.

Kersna: Affected locals must be offered solutions as Nursipalu expanded

01.12.22 NEWS ... Increasing Estonia's defense capacity will also require being able to train at Nursipalu Training Area as well, but the right solutions need to be found for the local residents at the expense of whose homes the military grounds are slated to be expanded, said Liina Kersna, the Reform Party's top candidate for Southeastern Estonia in the 2023 Riigikogu elections.

National Electoral Committee sets Riigikogu elections mandates

30.11.22 NEWS ... The National Electoral Committee (VVK) approved the allocation of the 2023 Riigikogu elections mandates. Compared to the 2019 elections, the electoral district made up of Harju and Rapla counties gained one mandate, while Ida-Viru lost one.

Ligi, Kütt, Madison, Seeder, Aab, Taimsoo to top Järva-Viljandi lists

30.11.22 NEWS ... Anticipated or confirmed to top their respective parties' candidate lists in Järva and Viljandi counties in the 2023 Riigikogu elections next March are Jürgen Ligi, Helmen Kütt, Jaak Madison, Helir-Valdor Seeder, Jaak Aab and Kaspar Taimsoo.

SDE deputy chair: State must aid firms if €1,200 minimum wage to be viable

30.11.22 2023 ELECTIONS ... If companies are to be able to meet a minimum wage of €1,200 per month proposed by the Social Democratic Party (SDE), they should receive the necessary help in attaining that, party deputy chair and Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Riina Sikkut says.

Eesti 200 presents its national defense program

30.11.22 NEWS ... Eesti 200 presented its national defense program on Tuesday. The party called on all other political parties in Estonia to sign an agreement, setting out the principles for organizing and financing a comprehensive national defense.

Most parties place hopes in tried and tested candidates in Tartu

30.11.22 NEWS ... In the Tartu constituency, most political parties are betting on tried and tested candidates for the upcoming Riigikogu elections. However, for both Eesti 200 and the Social Democrat Party (SDE), newcomers top the party lists in Estonia's second largest city.

Second-day sickness compensation may end at year's end

30.11.22 NEWS ... During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was agreed that sick leave benefits would begin on the second day. Now the government has a few days to approve this agreement's renewal, but if no agreement is reached, beginning with the new year, one will stay at home without salary for three days.

Party ratings: Reform pulls further ahead of EKRE

30.11.22 2023 ELECTIONS ... The Reform Party's support lead over the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) has continued to widen, according to a recent survey.

Kallas: If they win elections, EKRE must be given chance to form government

29.11.22 NEWS ... In an appearance on Vikerraadio's "Stuudios on peaminister" Tuesday, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (Reform) said that should the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) win the Riigikogu elections next March, they must be given the chance to form a government.

Estonia's political parties start 'serious' election campaigns in new year

29.11.22 2023 ELECTIONS ... Following President Alar Karis' calls to the electorate on Monday to not allow the March general election to degenerate into a two-horse race, and to be wary of hollow promises on the part of politicians after votes, ETV news show "Aktaalne kaamera" (AK) took stock of all the registered political parties, with just under 14 weeks to go until polling day.

President signs election decree, warns against two-party battle

28.11.22 2023 ELECTIONS ... President Alar Karis on Monday officially set the date for the 2023 Riigikogu elections. He advised parties to not turn the vote into a "battle" between the two most popular parties Reform and EKRE.

President: Dear voters, do not content yourself with simple promises

28.11.22 OPINION ... On Monday, President Alar Karis signed a resolution that set March 5, 2023 as the official date of the next Riigikogu election. Afterward, in a live address, he urged voters to not be "content" with "simple promises" and asked politicians not to turn the event into a two-party race.

Saaremaa voters to dominate Hiiu, Lääne and Saare electoral district

28.11.22 NEWS ... Candidates who can get ahead in Saaremaa or put in a strong showing in all three regions tend to make it in the westernmost electoral district of Hiiu, Lääne and Saare counties.

Martin Mölder: Politics as religious war

26.11.22 OPINION ... Politics becomes wall-to-wall religious war in an emotionally polarized party system. Manifestations of this can already be seen in Estonia. Belief in one's own excellence and the other side's wretchedness is so blinding that mistakes are virtually never owned up to, Martin Mölder finds in Vikerraadio's daily comment.

Interview: Leader of Estonia's newest party sets sights on Riigikogu

25.11.22 INTERVIEWS ... Parempoolsed is Estonia's newest political party, having only been incorporated in October, and will be contesting its first ever election next spring.

Höövelson, Aller, Kiili, Iljin, Hartman top parties' Ida-Viru lists in 2023

25.11.22 NEWS ... Expected or confirmed to top their respective parties' candidate lists in Ida-Viru County in the Riigikogu elections next March are Kaido Höövelson, Arvo Aller, Meelis Kiili, Maksim Iljin and Piret Hartman.

Reform unveils top Riigikogu elections candidates in all 12 constituencies

25.11.22 NEWS ... The Reform Party has announced its front-runner candidates for the March 5 Riigikogu election.

Repinski on direct support for Jõhvi church: Events in Russia separate

24.11.22 NEWS ... MP Martin Repinski, who left the Center Party this spring, gave his share of Riigikogu "protection money" to the Jõhvi congregation of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Patriarchate of Moscow (MPEÕK). Repinski said he wanted to help fix up one of the most beautiful buildings in Jõhvi and the congregation in no way endorses Russia's war in Ukraine.

Parties to reveal candidate lists in coming months

24.11.22 NEWS ... Most major political parties in Estonia are set to unveil their candidate lists and programs for the March 2023 elections in December or January.

Eesti 200 secures major donations from IT businessmen after chairman change

24.11.22 NEWS ... While donations to the non-parliamentary Eesti 200 party are usually in tens or hundreds of euros, well-known IT businessmen donated a total of over €100,000 to the party a week after it got a new chairman. Eesti 200 leader Lauri Hussar said the money supports the party's ideas and not him.

Politicians: We may need lower standards for new wave of Ukrainian refugees

24.11.22 POLITICS ... Speaking on ETV show "Esimene stuudio," politicians said, that Estonia has so far dealt well with the arrival of Ukrainian refugees. However, if a major new wave arrives as a result of Russia's continuing destruction of Ukrainian energy infrastructure, it may no longer be possible to offer such good conditions for those already in Estonia.

Greens co-chair: Our main goal is to pass 2 percent threshold

23.11.22 NEWS ... The Estonian Greens are aiming to surpass the two percent threshold in the 2023 Riigikogu elections to ensure that they receive state support to continue campaigning, says party co-chair Johanna Maria Tõugu.

Eesti 200 vice-chair: Family Benefits Act creates more inequality

23.11.22 NEWS ... The Family Benefits Act, which will come up for a second reading in the Riigikogu on Wednesday, creates more inequality and perpetuates poverty, says Kristina Kallas, vice-chair of Eesti 200.

Parempoolsed leader Lavly Perling: Party ratings reflect past, not future

23.11.22 NEWS ... The Parempoolsed party will win seats in next spring's general election, despite polling at barely one percent of support in recent surveys, the party's leader says.

Party ratings: EKRE support down slightly as Center's rises

23.11.22 NEWS ... The two opposition parties, the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) and the Center Party, have changed places in support trends compared with recent weeks, according to a recent survey. While EKRE's support has fallen slightly, Center's has seen a concomitant rise.

Tallinn's request for extra Riigikogu elections funding rejected

22.11.22 NEWS ... The State Electoral Office rejected a request by the City of Tallinn to receive at least 20 percent more funding than allocated in 2019 for conducting the 2023 Riigikogu elections next March.

FAQ: A brief overview of Estonia's 2023 elections

21.11.22 2023 ELECTIONS ... Estonia's national elections are held every four years and the next vote will take place in 2023. ERR News lays out the basic facts.

Helme, Peterson, Kivimägi, Metsoja, Korobeinik, Tali top Pärnu County lists

21.11.22 NEWS ... Mart Helme, Peep Peterson, Toomas Kivimägi, Andres Metsoja, Andrei Korobeinik and Peeter Tali are slated to top their respective' parties Pärnu County candidate lists in the 2023 Riigikogu elections next March.

Ex-Reform member Liimets to run on EKRE's list in Ida-Viru County

21.11.22 NEWS ... Ants Liimets, a former member of the Reform Party and a veteran local government activist, will run as a candidate on EKRE's list in the 2023 Riigikogu elections in Ida-Viru County.

Social Democrats: Government should lay down €1,200 minimum wage

21.11.22 NEWS ... The Social Democratic Party's (SDE) proposal of wage hikes for all Estonians also prescribes a minimum wage of €1,200 per month to be laid down by government decree. Estonia would pay smaller employers compensation for first two years.

ERR ratings special: Tables turned on EKRE over Mihkelson scandal

21.11.22 NEWS ... Falling support for EKRE in the latest Kantor Emor survey may be due to the party's attempt to use the Marko Mihkelson scandal to its advantage having backfired. Reform's popularity appears to have increased due to electricity bills rising less than feared.

Narva mayor Katri Raik confirmed not running for Riigikogu

21.11.22 NEWS ... Narva Mayork Katri Raik (SDE) confirmed on social media Monday morning that she had made a final decision not to run for election to the Riigikogu next spring.

Kantar Emor ratings: Reform increases lead over EKRE

21.11.22 NEWS ... The November poll commissioned by ERR and carried out by Kantar Emor saw the ruling Reform Party extend its lead over opposition leader the Conservative People's Party (EKRE). The pollster interviewed 1,512 eligible citizens.

SDE leader calls for progressive-type tax system ahead of 2023 election

19.11.22 NEWS ... In the wake of the recent crises in energy, security and the economy, Estonia's tax system needs overhauling to the extent of bringing in a graduated or progressive model, Social Democratic Party (SDE) leader Lauri Läänemets says.

Center Party announces its 2023 general election slogan

19.11.22 NEWS ... The opposition Center Party has unveiled its slogan ahead of the March 2023 general election.

Rõivas will not run for Riigikogu, Kersna, Kaljurand and Raik on the fence

18.11.22 NEWS ... Former PM Taavi Rõivas has not reconsidered his decision to leave politics and will not be running for parliament next year. Several well-known politicians have not made their decision known yet.

Kallas, Aru, Toots, Valge, Klaas, Lukas to top parties' Tartu lists in 2023

17.11.22 NEWS ... Anticipated to top their respective parties' Tartu candidate lists in the Riigikogu elections next March are Kristina Kallas, Krista Aru, Jaan Toots, Jaak Valge, Urmas Klaas and Tõnis Lukas.

Analyst: Share of voters without preference could mean surprises

17.11.22 NEWS ... While the regular Norstat poll suggests that support for the Center Party has grown, that for EKRE fallen and Reform's stabilized, the growing share of voters without a preference renders these positions uncertain, Martin Mölder writes.

Reform makes electoral pledge to abolish 'tax hump'

16.11.22 NEWS ... The coalition Reform Party says it wishes to eliminate the so-called "tax hump" and raise the income tax basic exemption to €700 per month.

Party ratings: Support for Center rises, EKRE's falls

16.11.22 NEWS ... Support for the opposition Center Party has bucked a recent trend for a fall and rose over the past week, while the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE), also in opposition, saw a fall in support, according to a recent survey.

Narva ex-mayor Aleksei Jevgrafov to run for Riigikogu with Center Party

15.11.22 NEWS ... Narva City Council member and Narva ex-mayor Aleksei Jevgrafov has confirmed he will be running for election to the Riigikogu on the Center Party's electoral list in Ida-Viru County (Electoral District 7) next spring.

Ida-Viru loses one Riigikogu mandate to Harju, Rapla electoral district

11.11.22 NEWS ... The number of mandates, or seats, to go to the Ida-Viru County electoral district (District 7) in the next Riigikogu elections in March will be reduced from seven to six, with the additional mandate to be assigned to the Harju and Rapla counties electoral district (District 4), boosting the latter's total to 16 mandates.

Head of Center in Ida-Viru County critical of Yana Toom running in district

11.11.22 NEWS ... Marek Kullamägi, regional chairman of the Center Party in Ida-Viru County, is critical of party leader Jüri Ratas' decision to have MEP Yana Toom run in the Ida-Viru electoral district in the 2023 Riigikogu elections.

Former SDE chair Indrek Saar not running for Riigikogu anymore

11.11.22 NEWS ... MP Indrek Saar, former chair of the coalition Social Democratic Party (SDE), announced in a letter to his fellow party members that he will not be running for election to the Riigikogu anymore, including in the 2023 general election next March.

Center Party MEP Yana Toom to run in Ida-Viru County in Riigikogu elections

11.11.22 NEWS ... Center Party MEP Yana Toom is to run in the Ida-Viru County constituency at next spring's Riigikogu elections. Toom had previously said she would run in Tallinn.

Jüri Ratas: Neither Reform nor EKRE will win March 5 general election

11.11.22 NEWS ... Neither the coalition Reform Party nor the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE), the two parties which have regularly polled highest in recent support ratings, will win the March 5 Riigikogu election, Center Party leader Jüri Ratas says.

Turu-uuringud: Reform gains, while EKRE loses ground in November

10.11.22 NEWS ... While the ratings of the ruling Reform Party and opposition leader EKRE were on par in October, the former has gained and the latter lost ground since then.

Reform Party proposes removing vote from Russian citizens in Estonia

10.11.22 NEWS ... The Reform Party is sounding out support for a bill which would strip Russian and Belarusian citizens resident in Estonia from the vote in local elections in Estonia.
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