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Polish and Baltic presidents meet to seek solution to Ukrainian grain issue

21.09.23 NEWS ... At the UN General Assembly, a meeting was held involving the presidents of the Baltic countries and Poland. The meeting focused on ways to find solutions to the issues related to Ukrainian grain transportation, as well as on the NATO summit, which will be held in Washington D.C. in 2024.

Karis at UN General Assembly: Security Council close to a dead end

21.09.23 NEWS ... Russia's political and military leadership should bear criminal responsibility for the war in Ukraine, Estonian President Alar Karis told the UN General Assembly. Karis also said that the UN Security Council should be reformed, as it is currently "close to a dead end" due to the veto power of countries, which are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

High level UN event convenes on needs of Ukraine's children in war

20.09.23 NEWS ... On September 19, a high-level meeting has been held in New York on the initiative of Estonia—"Fighting for the Future: Ukrainian Children in War"— to urge the United Nations and the international community to advocate for the Ukrainian children suffering as a result of Russia's war.

Baltic presidents meet with UN chief, invite American business investments

19.09.23 NEWS ... Estonian President Alar Karis and his Baltic counterparts met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in New York, where their discussion focused on issues related to Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine. Speaking at a strategic investment summit, the three heads of state also called on American entrepreneurs to invest in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Estonia still hasn't sent Ukraine its cluster munitions

18.09.23 NEWS ... While according to ERR's information, Estonia was weighing giving cluster munitions in its stocks to Ukraine in January already, unlike the U.S., it has yet to actually follow through.

Estonian navy officer: Ukraine using drones as alternative to naval fleet

18.09.23 NEWS ... The Ukrainian maritime drone strikes against Russia's Black Sea fleet are expected to continue, as Kyiv does not have a combat-capable naval fleet of its own, said Cdr. Ott Laanemets, head of the Estonian Navy's (Merevägi) mine warfare division.

Private vehicles with Russian plates banned from entering EU

11.09.23 NEWS ... Under guidelines issued by the European Commission on Friday, member states should not allow cars with Russian license plates to enter the EU. This ban applies not just to private vehicles, but also to company transport operations. Enforcement of these sanctions is mandatory for member states.

ERR visits front-line Ukrainian medical station

09.09.23 NEWS ... ERR's Ukraine correspondents Anton Aleksejev and Kristjan Svirgsden visited a front line military hospital in Donbas, a patching station where the inured receive immediate aid before undergoing medivac to the rear.

Estonia to update Ukraine refugee temporary protection application process

08.09.23 NEWS ... Starting this Sunday, September 10, Estonia will begin granting temporary protection to war refugees from Ukraine through March 2025, regardless of whether the applicant is applying for the first time or renewing temporary protection previously granted for a one-year period, the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) announced Friday.

Defense League colonel: Ukrainians need extra troops at breakthrough points

08.09.23 NEWS ... The Ukrainian infantry, which has broken through Russia's defensive line, urgently needs additional troops to continue its offensive, said Col. Eero Rebo, Chief of the General Staff of the volunteer Defense League (Kaitseliit).

ERR in Ukraine: Locals returning to Kupiansk despite bombing

08.09.23 NEWS ... The city of Kupiansk in Ukraine's Kharkiv Oblast is increasingly coming under fire from Russian troops in their attempt to break through Ukrainian defenses there and draw attention away from the latter's offensive.

Ukrainian Independence Day concert organizer: Estonians still ready to help

05.09.23 NEWS ... August 24 was Ukrainian Independence Day, and a concert entitled "Ukraina Tänab!" ("Ukraine Gives Thanks!" was held in Tallinn's Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak) to raise money for the construction of bomb shelters for schools in eastern Ukraine. Ruslan Trochynskyi, one of the concert's main organizers and performers, told ETV show "Terevisioon" that the Estonian people still want to help Ukraine.

Schools struggle with inability to unenroll pupils who have left Estonia

05.09.23 NEWS ... Some Estonian schools are facing challenges due to the number of Ukrainian war refugees, who are enrolled in their class registers but have now returned to Ukraine, without informing the school of their departure. Schools are not able to enroll those pupils themselves and are also unable to accept new children in their places.

ERR from Donetsk: How far have the Ukrainians progressed over summer?

05.09.23 NEWS ... Corruption scandals within Ukraine's Ministry of Defense have culminated in Oleksii Reznikov stepping down as minister, even as he is hardly leaving under a cloud. Ukraine's forces in the field are slowly moving forward despite Russian minefields, ERR's Anton Aleksejev and Kristjan Svirgsden report.

Oleksii Reznikov dismissed from Ukrainian defense minister post

04.09.23 NEWS ... Ukraine's Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov has been dismissed President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says.

Kaja Kallas to Denys Shmyhal: Estonia is Ukraine's firmest friend

04.09.23 NEWS ... Estonia will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukraine until that country emerges victorious from the current invasion by the Russian Federation, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (Reform) says.

ERR in Ukraine: Odesa beaches reopened for public use

02.09.23 NEWS ... Throughout Ukraine, even far away from the front line, there is a constant sense of danger. Nevertheless, for ordinary Ukrainians, life goes on. In Odesa, for example, the city government has opened the beaches for public use.

Intelligence chief: Ukraine has put Russian troops under pressure in south

01.09.23 NEWS ... Ukraine's methodological approach over the past week and a half has been enough to exert pressure on Russian forces on the southern front, Col. Margo Grosberg, commander of the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF) Intelligence Center, said on Friday.

ERR in Ukraine: Fierce fighting continues on outskirts of Urozhaine village

01.09.23 NEWS ... In the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk oblasts, Ukraine's counter-offensive continues. Over recent weeks, Ukrainian troops have managed to liberate several villages in the area. In addition to the fighting, it is also crucial for the soldiers to hone their combat skills on the training ground.

Estonian defmin: EU must raise defense spending, slow pace a hindrance

30.08.23 NEWS ... The slow pace of increasing defense spending and investment is a hindrance both to Ukraine support and to improving EU member states' own defense capabilities, Minister of Defense Hanno Pevkur (Reform) said at an informal meeting of EU defense ministers this week, calling on member states to boost this spending quickly.

Ukrainian cinema club to screen bimonthly new war movies in Tallinn

30.08.23 NEWS ... Twice a month, the Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Estonia arranges screenings of some of the latest Ukrainian movies.

Saks: Russian regime's strong power image weakening after Prigozhin death

29.08.23 NEWS ... The Russian state's strong public image is currently moving towards a weakening, according to security expert Rainer Saks. That aside, Ukrainian forces have reason for moderate optimism, he added, appearing on ETV show "Ukraina stuudio" Monday.

Estonian leaders, institutions congratulate Ukraine on Independence Day

24.08.23 NEWS ... The Estonian president, ministries and ministers as well as other officials and organizations were among those to share messages of congratulations and support to Ukraine and its people on Thursday, Ukraine's Independence Day.

Edward Lucas: Ukraine paying a heavy price for Western procrastination

22.08.23 NEWS ... Western peace-mongering risks a bigger and worse war later, security expert Edward Lucas writes in a piece which first appeared on the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) website.

Brigadier General: Ukrainian forces involved in 'cruel and dirty' work

22.08.23 NEWS ... The lengthy and strongly dug-in defensive Russian lines in occupied southern Ukraine mean present no quick and easy solution in terms of breakthrough, while Ukrainian forces are currently having to engage in cruel and dirty work in order to make any incursion, Brigadier General Vahur Karus, commander of the Estonian Defense Academy (Kaitseväe Akadeemia), says.

Ukrainian Independence Day concert organizer: Ukraine still needs our help

21.08.23 NEWS ... This Thursday (August 24), to mark Ukrainian Independence Day, a free concert entitled "Ukraina tähab!" ("Ukraine gives thanks!") will take place in Tallinn's Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak). Speaking at President Alar Karis' Rose Garden reception on Sunday, Terje Trochynskyi, the concert's main organizer, stressed that Ukraine still needs the help of the Estonian people.

EDF Colonel: No breakthroughs on frontline in Ukraine over last week

18.08.23 NEWS ... Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF) Col. Mart Vendla said that neither Russia nor Ukraine has made any breakthroughs on the front this week. Vendla added, that even with the addition of new Russian troops to the frontline, there was no danger of Russian forces breaking through anywhere, according to the latest information.

Tallinn charity concert to raise funds for bomb shelters in eastern Ukraine

17.08.23 NEWS ... A free concert entitled "Ukraine gives thanks!" ("Ukraine tänab!") is set to take place in Tallinn's Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak) on Thursday August 24, Ukrainian Independence Day. During and after the concert, hotlines will be open to collect donations, with the funds received to be used for the building of bomb shelters for schools in towns near the frontline in eastern Ukraine.

PPA: Huge rise in Russian citizens seeking protection in Estonia last year

17.08.23 NEWS ... The number of Russian and Belarusian citizens seeking international protection in Estonia has soared since the start of Russia's full-scale military invasion of Ukraine last February, according to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PPA). The number of Ukrainians who have applied for asylum in Estonia has also increased dramatically.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania join G7 declaration of support for Ukraine

17.08.23 NEWS ... In a joint statement released on Thursday, the prime ministers of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania announced that all three Baltic countries are joining the G7 Declaration of Support for Ukraine, which was adopted in July.

Weak Russian ruble encouraging cross-border trade in Estonia's border town

16.08.23 NEWS ... The recent weakening of the Russian ruble encourages people in eastern Estonia to shop across the border where prices are cheaper. While this activity has taken place for decades, shoppers must now be aware of sanctions and forbidden items.

Estonian government to discuss joining G7 joint declaration on Ukraine

16.08.23 NEWS ... The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated the process for Estonia to join the G7's Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine. Estonia's request to join the declaration will be sent to the government cabinet on Thursday.

Latvia sends extra forces to Belarus border, cancels vacations

15.08.23 NEWS ... Latvia has canceled border guards' annual leave and sent additional forces to its border with Belarus due to "the rapidly rising hybrid war threat", Latvian public broadcaster LSM reported on Tuesday.

Estonian navy officer: Mines to remain Black Sea hazard for decades to come

15.08.23 NEWS ... Sea mines sown both by Russian and Ukrainian forces litter the Black Sea, meaning after the war ends, a minesweeping operation will begin there which can last years, Commander Ott Laanemets, who heads up the Estonian Navy's (Merevägi) mine warfare division, says.

Stoicescu: Putin aims to prolong Ukraine war to US presidential election

15.08.23 NEWS ... Russian leader Vladimir Putin's goal is to put the war in Ukraine until next year's US presidential election, then to see what transpires, according to security expert and Eesti 200 MP Kalev Stoicescu.

Analysts: Russian ruble weakened by declining oil revenues

14.08.23 NEWS ... Analysts believe the fall in oil revenues is behind the Russian ruble hitting a 16-month low against the U.S. dollar and euro this week.

Estonian citizen caught at border smuggling old coins out of Ukraine

14.08.23 NEWS ... Ukrainian customs officials caught an Estonian citizen at the Ukrainian-Polish border attempting to smuggle several hundred old coins worth a total of more than €12,000 out of the country.

EDF colonel: Attrition warfare sets in, even as Ukraine has slim advantage

11.08.23 NEWS ... The front-line in the Ukraine War has not shifted significantly over the past week, which, given the balance of forces, is to be expected, Colonel Tarmo Kundla, head of the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF) General Staff's ops department, says.

Ukrainian singer Ruslana to appear at free concert in Tallinn next week

11.08.23 NEWS ... Famous Ukrainian singer Ruslana will perform in Tallinn later this month at a free concert marking Ukrainian Restoration of Independence day.

Prosecutor's Office has not as yet charged anyone in Slava Ukraini case

11.08.23 NEWS ... Evidence collection in the NGO Slava Ukraini case is underway, the Prosecutor's Office says, though noone has been charged as yet.

Saks: Ukraine's Moscow drone attacks way of applying psychological pressure

10.08.23 NEWS ... Ukrainian drone strikes on Moscow are intended mainly to pressure Russia psychologically, security expert Rainer Saks says, while a distinct contrast between them and the Kremlin's use of drone weaponry can be seen in the fact that the Ukrainians have only attacked military or commercial buildings, and not civilian targets.

EDF Colonel: Ukraine's advantages in long-range artillery, drone strikes

08.08.23 NEWS ... Ukrainian forces have an advantage over their Russian opponents, when it comes to long-range artillery and precision strikes, thanks mainly due to good intelligence. This helps the Ukrainians deploy their assets better, according to Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF), Colonel Mart Vendla.

Estonia will not revoke Russian, Belarusian citizens' residence permits

07.08.23 NEWS ... Estonia is not planning to follow Lithuania and Latvia's lead and cancel residence permits for thousands of Russians and Belarusians.

Lithuania revokes over 1,000 Russian, Belarusian visas, residence permits

05.08.23 NEWS ... Lithuania revokes the visas and residence permits of over a thousand Russian and Belarusian nationals, designating them a security threat.

EDF colonel: Russia cannot break through Ukraine's positions in near future

04.08.23 NEWS ... As Russia's armed forces cannot break through the Ukrainian positions in the near future, it will target Ukraine's economy and civilian environment instead, said Estonian Defense Forces (EDF) Col. Mart Vendla on Friday.

Ukrainian grain exports through Estonia are unlikely due to high costs

04.08.23 NEWS ... Estonia could help to export Ukrainian grain, but this is unlikely due to high delivery costs.

Paper: Police in Paide called as man tramples on Ukrainian flag

04.08.23 NEWS ... A man pulled down the Ukrainian flag which was officially flown outside a public building in the central Estonian town of Paide, regional daily Jarva teataja reports (link in Estonian).

PPA anticipating uptick in border crossers after Russia launches e-visa

03.08.23 NEWS ... Estonia's Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) expects the number of people crossing the eastern border to rise after Russia launched its e-visa for citizens of 55 countries. Both locals and foreigners still cross the border.

Slava Ukraini NGO hopes to continue despite donations drop

03.08.23 NEWS ... Donations to scandal-hit NGO Slava Ukraini have drastically fallen over the last few months, but the organization hopes to continue its activities for as long as Ukraine needs help.

Annely Kolk: I wouldn't say Kyiv is among the toughest ambassador postings

03.08.23 NEWS ... Annely Kolk, Estonia's new ambassador to Ukraine, says that given all the hard work in aid of that country which has been carried out by diplomats from all over the world, a Kyiv posting cannot be called one of the toughest around.
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